• Message from the President:By implementing our Mission Statement with the aim of contributing to the creation of a sustainable society and bringing more prosperity to the people of the world, we aim to become a major global player.Takehito Yamaoka President YANMAR CO., LTD.

The challenge to become a major global player

In its Mission Statement, the Yanmar Group declares that it wishes to “strive to provide sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life, focus on the challenges our customers face in food production and harnessing power, and thereby enrich people's lives for all our tomorrows”. This Mission Statement constitutes a declaration made in 2012, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our founding, of the business fields we should pursue, the values we should possess, and the ways in which we should contribute to society, and I believe that the Yanmar Group's raison d'etre is to assertively implement this Mission Statement.

As a milestone for achieving the Mission Statement, we are aiming to become a major global player by 2018. Becoming a major global player means becoming a company whose brand is recognized by customers all over the world. It is an ambitious goal, which also calls for each and every officer and employee to be capable of succeeding globally.

The Yanmar Group has also introduced the “YF2112”, a set of initiatives we will be implementing to develop technology that ensures our continued growth over the next 100 years, and has begun looking ahead towards the creation of a sustainable society. YF stands for “YANMAR FUTURE,” and it embodies the wish that Yanmar's DNA, which was born out of a desire to employ technology to address social issues, can be utilized during the next 100 years.

Yanmar’s CSR designed to tackle global social issues

In the fields of food production and harnessing power, which are mentioned in our Mission Statement, there are mountains of social problems both inside and outside Japan, and these problems are expected to become increasingly severe. For example, there is the concern of a food shortage arising due to the population explosion, the problem of increasing environmental impact due to the rises in food production and energy consumption, and the problem of climate change stemming from increasing CO2 emissions. Viewing these social issues as market needs, we will endeavor to resolve them through business and translate them into growth. CSR as perceived by the Yanmar Group is the execution of business pursuant to our Mission Statement.

The Yanmar Group is steadily putting together an organizational structure capable of tackling these issues. In the field of food production, we have established “Yanmar Agri Solutions” centers in places such as Kyushu and Hokkaido, Japan, in order to provide support for efficient agricultural management and the production of high-value-added crops. Overseas, meanwhile, we have set up new companies in India and Vietnam, which are offering solutions that enable people to live more prosperously and more safely through the mechanization of agriculture. In the field of harnessing power, we are developing and marketing compact diesel engines that comply with the Tier 4 emission standards, and are also resolutely taking on the challenge of biomass power generation.

Providing a unique type of value to customers around the world in a speedy fashion

To enable us to provide customers around the world with a one-and-only type of value that Yanmar alone can deliver, we believe that it is essential to offer employees the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities to the full by transforming working environments, revamping ways of working, and improving human resources development.

We are therefore expanding bases for transmitting information to customers. These bases include our headquarters in Japan, the YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, and the Yanmar Remote Support Center, which operates a remote monitoring system. In addition, we have also deployed a new network system that enables employees to share information more easily.

Moreover, when conducting business globally, it is important to understand the culture, history, atmosphere, customs, and so on of the country or territory concerned and to conduct business while respecting diversity. The Yanmar Group has launched a project to promote diversity and established an office to spearhead the transformation of ways of working. In this way, we are working to develop human resources that can succeed globally.

In 2012 we marked our 100th anniversary, and over the past 100 years we have achieved growth by solving our customers’ problems. To achieve further growth over the next 100 years, we must continuously create new value and markets. We are therefore going to embrace the challenge of becoming a major global player by paying more consideration to and better meeting the expectations of our various stakeholders, who include not only our customers, but also our employees, business partners, local communities, and even the environment.
I am counting on your continued assistance and cooperation.