Yanmar, as a manufacturer of diesel engines for various types of industrial machinery, wants to lend its support to all as the “engine” that helps drive you on.

Yanmar has been working with a sense of purpose in the important activities of developing the next generation and fostering culture.

We firmly believe that the growth of Yanmar is dependent on the growth of our customers, our employees, and the many others who feel a connection to Yanmar. This is a belief that we have held since our foundation.
We will continue to challenge ourselves and grow stronger together.
Beyond that, we believe in A Sustainable Future; sustainable prosperity for all and a sustainable natural environment.

Yanmar will continue to challenge ourselves and grow together with soccer.
By communicating as One Team through soccer, we grow as a company by creating global partners transcending language, race, and culture.
Soccer, like the heart of an engine, is always driven by a passion that moves and compels us to face our common goals, even when times are difficult and arduous.

Football is our Engine.

Soccer is like an engine for those of us at Yanmar.

A Message from professional footballer Shinji Kagawa

Hi, I'm Shinji Kagawa.
Thank you very much, as always, for your support.

Soccer has always been the center of my life. For me, it's just like an engine.

I have always challenged myself, together with my team mates, toward a common goal. This spirit of challenge is the driving force that propels me. To put it simply: "Football is our Engine."

I want to keep on pushing myself harder and play with passion. As always, I really appreciate your support.

A Message from professional footballer Hiroshi Kiyotake

Ever since I first kicked a soccer ball when I was at elementary school, soccer has been everything to me.
Throughout my professional life, while there have been ups and downs, soccer has always been there as an engine, driving me forward.

"Football is our Engine"

These words capture my feelings toward soccer.
I am going to keep on chasing hard after the ball, to excite and inspire fans around the world and for the youngsters who represent the future.