As Demand Shifts From Products To Experiences Yanmar Is Transforming to Deliver More Excitement

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Yanmar aims to realize "A Society Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences" which is one of the future visions of A Sustainable Future. Yanmar is proposing marine leisure as the direction to enhance the quality of life, making both work and entertainment satisfactory and joyful.

In order to help our customers enjoy various activities such as fishing, cruising, marine sports and scuba diving, we pursue in providing the values of surprise and excitement through the development and sales of pleasure boats, fishing boats and marine engines. In addition, to increase the opportunity for more people to become familiar with marine leisure, we are participating in the boat sharing services and also working on marine sports such as yacht racing as a "Fostering Cultural Growth" going beyond the framework of our business activities.

Fostering Cultural Growth, Support for marine sports. Provide the values of surprise and excitement, Development of pleasure boats.

Yanmar Invests in Large Boat Sharing Service GetMyBoat To Provide More Marine Excitement

Yanmar has invested in GetMyBoat Inc. (Silicon Valley, USA), a provider of pleasure boat rentals in 184 countries around the world. Approximately 110 thousand boats are registered on the website and operated by the company. Customers may rent the boats from all over the world, without needing to consider the costs of the boat and its maintenance.

Also, boat owners can access numerous renters around the world through the company's platform. In general, boats are used only 8% of the time a year, but by utilizing the inactive time, owners can significantly lower the costs of boat ownership and can be less burdened to own boats. The services of GetMyBoat aim to provide a world where many people can enjoy a rich marine life on demand. This embodies Yanmar values which is to provide surprises and emotional satisfaction. With the services of GetMyBoat, we would like to provide the Marine Life experience to the Millennium Generation, expand the base of the marine pleasure population, and increase the boat population. In addition, we hope to accelerate the development of our pleasure boat products and the development of new services by utilizing the market information accumulated by GetMyBoat.

Experience image according to GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat experiences

From Our Partners
We Would Like to Bring About a Rich Life to People Around the World Through Pleasure Boats

Sascha Mornell CEO GetMyBoat

Sascha Mornell

GetMyBoat is very pleased to welcome Yanmar as a shareholder and a partner. We would like to bring the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure boat to anyone in the world.

We also aim to enrich human life with meaningful and joyful experiences. The dolphin logo of the company embodies playfulness and the pleasure of spending time with friends and family at the waterside. The variety that GetMyBoat can provide is unlimited, from diving at the great barrier reef or experiencing a superyacht in Miami to fishing in Japan.

We are also supporting ecotourism. We believe that when more people appreciate the grace of the seas and the lakes, environmental awareness will be further enhanced, and sustainability will become more important.