VISION02 A Society Where People Can Work and Live with Peace of Mind

VISION02 A Society Where People Can Work and Live with Peace of Mind


Transforming harsh labor into comfortable work.Everyone can work safely and earn a steady income while living a rich life in harmony with nature.

Our Products, Services and Support for VISION 02

True Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator

The rear does not protrude beyond the vehicle width, allowing the excavator to turn in tight circles and work beside a wall without worrying. It offers improved safety and comfort at narrow construction sites.

Standby Power Generation Systems

Standby generation systems contribute to ensuring safety of human life, protecting property, helping with relief efforts by taking over the supply of electricity to various equipment in the event of a power outage due to a natural disaster.

Aligned SDGs


Social challenges to be solved related to VISION 02

Contributing Through Business


Aligned SDGs

To further improve our services that minimize downtime,Our CS base, Yanmar Synergy Square has opened.


As to improve our global customer satisfaction more, we are pursuing how to offer better services to avoid machine downtime. To monitor the operational status, Yanmar has equipped its products with remote monitoring systems: SMARTASSIST for agricultural machinery and construction equipment, RESS for power generating and air conditioning products, and SHIPS SUPPORTER for marine engines. We need to incorporate the state of art technology including data analysis and failure prediction through remote monitoring service to provide systematic yet technical support to our customers.


Yanmar Synergy Square (YSQ)

As a pioneer in the field of ICT, our energy business started monitoring power generators installed on a remote island in 1984. Since then, the Yanmar Group has been developing remote monitoring services in each business unit. In 2015, we set up the Remote Support Center to provide comprehensive support for all customers of our group companies. We have been engaged in advanced preventive maintenance services, services that avoid machine downtime, and supports to improve the management through analyzing the collected data.

To evolve existing services, Yanmar Global CS has newly established the Yanmar Synergy Square (YSQ) as a place where the Yanmar Group and our business partners around the world bring their knowledge and know-how together to generate synergy and create new service solutions for the future.

The exhibition area on the first floor shows history, spirit and future of our services, so that the visitors can feel it firsthand. Relocating the Remote Support Center to YSQ, we have consolidated and strengthen the functions of remote support systems to manage and analyze the information in more detail. The new facility will welcome the visitors to observe the center.

On the third floor, we have the divisions responsible for collecting orders of spare parts, managing parts information, editing manuals, supporting the stable supply, as well as the division that dedicated to the development and deployment of IT tools to improve efficiency. For the employees’ health, the cafeteria provides well-balanced meals using fresh vegetables produced by Yanmar Symbiosis. On the fifth floor, there are five rooms for various in-house training programs and a prayer room to ensure employee’s diversity.

1st Floor: Service exhibition
2nd Floor: Remote Support Center
3rd Floor: Office
4th Floor: Cafeteria for employees
5th Floor: Training rooms

Provided value

By ensuring that the machine always operates in optimal condition and preventing downtime due to malfunction and theft, our customers concentrate on their work with peace of mind. This will help them maintain or improve their productivity and obtain a steady income.


Aligned SDGs

Supporting dairy farming management by biogas power generation system that effectively uses livestock waste as renewable energy.


With an aim to manage dairy farm business more efficiently, Honbu Farm Co., Ltd. planned to build a new barn to expand 120 cows to 250 as part of its efforts to improve productivity. One of their major issues was how to dispose the increased amount of manure. They used to compost it, but it took a lot of time and fuel costs.


Yanmar Energy System proposed a solution with power generation system using biogas cogeneration to Honbu Farm, which aims to reduce the burden and the cost of disposal for efficient dairy management, and to achieve circular agriculture that contributes to the local community and society. There are many biogas cogeneration systems by various manufacturers in the world. Honbu Farm chose our product because of our prompt maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Two of 24.5kW biogas cogeneration systems are currently installed at Honbu Farm and generate electricity using methane fermentation gas produced from manure as the energy source. While the electricity is sold to the power company, the heat is efficiently used for heating the fermentation tanks in the plant. The cogeneration system had been running for 10,000 hours a year until March 2021 and generated 100,000 kWh of electricity during that period. In addition, the recycled manure liquid*1 produced in the process is used for fertilizing and weeding, making it cost effective, and the hygienic recycled manure solid is used for bedding.*2

The system is able to contribute to cost reduction in dairy farming by reducing labor burden, selling electricity and using waste heat energy.

  • *1 Recycled manure liquid: Liquid content separated from manure after methane fermentation.
  • *2 Bedding: General term of straw and sawdust spread to maintain hygiene in barns.
Biogas power generation system in Honbu Farm
Mr. Hirohisa Honbu, president of Honbu Farm and the biogas cogeneration.
Power generation system using biogas cogeneration

Provided Value

Honbu Farm’s new initiative is spreading to neighboring companies in the region. Those companies have requested Honbu to share the electricity and heat when they implement greenhouse farming. We will continue to contribute to the development of local industries through our biogas power generation system.