VISION04 A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences

VISION04 A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences


Creating a world where work and leisure are enriching and enjoyable. We will continue to increase the quality of life for everyone.

Our Products, Services and Support for the VISION 04

Yanmar Museum

As a challenge museum with the concept of “Let’s try! ‘Exciting Future’ Challenge!” The museum fosters a challenging spirit in children through exciting experiences.

Fishing Boat “EX28C”

Equipped with various specifications, such as the largest fishing space for its class, a new type e-engine, and a comfortable quarter berth, the boat offers good fishing experience with accessories you will need.

Personal Hovercraft “Wheeebo”

An entirely new type of recreational hovercraft with the concept that anyone can enjoy exciting new marine experiences. The circular board-craft, operated by a controller and body-weight balance, offers limitless possibilities for fun on the water.

Contributing Beyond Business Operations


To be a football club that brings the best and excitement to people and revitalize local communities.

Yodoko Sakura Stadium
Yodoko Sakura Stadium

Cerezo Osaka is a professional football club based in the cities of Osaka and Sakai with close ties to the local community. In 2017, the club won two championships, the Levain Cup and the Emperor’s Cup, much to the delight of the citizens. With the aim of becoming an indispensable presence in the community over the long term, we would like to deliver dreams, hopes, and the greatest excitement through football not only to children, but to local people, supporters and our partners. At Yodoko Sakura Stadium, which was completed and opened in July 2021 as the new home stadium, professional football players fascinate spectators with their great plays in every game.

Also, in cooperation with partners, Cerezo Osaka is actively involved in solving issues in the local community. As just one example, we have been working with the Osaka City Library since 2018 to create reading log notebook for elementary school students to help them improve their comprehension. We have raffles for kids who read more books during the summer vacation to win Cerezo home game tickets or other logoed stationaries.

Pitch at the Yodoko Sakura Stadium
Reading log notebook


Working to enrich lives in Southeast Asia through football.


Yanmar has been supporting the growth of the agriculture, fishery and construction industries to help people in Southeast Asia to live a more prosperous life. On top of our business domain, we sponsor the Southeast Asian Football Championship, the largest tournament in ASEAN, and support the Vietnam National Team and BG Pathum United F.C. for the purpose of sharing excitement with people through the most popular sport, football. Since 2015, Yanmar has been working together with Cerezo Osaka on improving the turf of Yanmar Field, the official training ground of the Vietnam National Football Team, contributing to the growth of the team which has become the strongest in Southeast Asia in both men’s and women’s football.

From Our Employee
We strengthen public relations through football.

Sota Harayama Divisional Manager Sports Business Office, Creative Division Yanmar Holdings

Sota Harayama
Divisional Manager
Sports Business Office, Creative Division
Yanmar Holdings

Believing in the potential of football which allows people to share the joy of victory regardless of nationality, race or language without boundaries, our company sponsors a variety of football teams globally other than Cerezo Osaka. Since football is an organized and international sport that people are passionate about, it will continue to play an important role in our growth as a global company. We hope that our business activities and corporate philosophy will be widely known through communication supporting football.


Participated in the 36th America’s Cup as Official Marine Supplier.

Racing boats
Racing boats

Yanmar Holdings bacame the official marine supplier for the 36th America’s Cup, the prestige yacht race for the world’s top sailors, and was participating more deeply than ever in the event by supporting all races.

The Yanmar Group was the official technical partner of the U.S. Oracle team for the 34th in 2013 and was the official marine engine partner for the 35th in 2017.

As racing boats have become increasingly high-tech and fast in recent years, race management boats that support the success of the America’s Cup are required to have high-performance, durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly power sources. For the 36th race, diesel engines provided by Yanmar Marine System were installed in all official boats to support all races, and our X47 Express Cruiser served as the official spectator cruiser that created comfortable and luxurious vantage point for VIPs.

We strive to promote our technological capabilities and strong presence in the marine engine world, and through this support, we will further improve our marine engine expertise and technology.

The America’s Cup is a yacht race that originated from the exhibition race of the first World’s Fair held in England in 1851. The Auld Mug, presented to the winner, the New York Yacht Club, went on to be called the America’s Cup and is the oldest sports trophy in the world. Since then, it has been a race between yacht clubs that has carried national prestige for over 170 years.

X47 Express Cruiser

From Our Employee
Challenging the innovative technologies through support of the historic America’s Cup.

Floris Lettinga Director Sales and Marketing Yanmar Marine International B.V.

Floris Lettinga
Director, Sales and Marketing
Yanmar Marine International B.V.

The America’s Cup is the oldest sports trophy in the world. Each country’s teams will push the limits of technology in pursuit of the winning edge. Throughout its long history, the teams have been thinking out-of-the-box and adapted to win in a fast-changing environment. In business, too, winners are innovative and be able to adapt to an ever-changing market. Foiling boats were not imagined as possible until a few years ago, but persistence and innovation has proven that it can be done.