President's Message Keep challenging ourselves to be a 200-year value creation company that shapes new social values

To find essential solutions to the social issues

Although the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic remain in our society, we are getting adjusted to the new normal that are brought on by this crisis. While our lives enter a new phase, the business activities face increasing risks including global supply chain disruptions due to the world's tense situation, as well as soaring raw material, fuel and logistics costs. In addition, social issues such as food shortages, increasing energy demand, and climate change are becoming more and more critical on a global scale, and many companies are questioned how to deal with them. In the essential areas of food production and harnessing power, the Yanmar Group has been committed to its mission by addressing not only customers' but also social issues to create values in the unpredictable world.

Creating new values that harmonize people and nature

At Yanmar, we believe that new value lies in the balanced relationship where humanity harmonizes with nature. Under the brand statement, A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE –New Value Through Technology– Yanmar is committed to solving our customers' problems and fulfilling our social responsibility to help people and nature coexist in harmony. In order to fulfill our responsibility, in 2018, we drafted the Group Environmental Vision 2030 and have been working on environmental conservation activities, including setting quantitative reduction targets to combat global warming. To further accelerate the efforts that have been made toward the transition to a decarbonized society, we have declared this year that we will become an environmental load-free and GHG-free company based on recyclable resources in Yanmar Green Challenge 2050. This is our statement to realize corporate activities with zero GHG emission and efforts to eliminate non-recyclable waste. Also, we will help customers reduce their emissions and waste by providing our products and solutions to make the whole society sustainable. We believe that carbon neutrality can be achieved by developing power generation using Yanmar's renewable energy sources and energy conversion technologies to increase the efficiency of energy use.

Other initiatives are underway to fulfill our mission of creating value for our customers and achieving a balance between human and nature. With the development of the YC100 bio composter, we have succeeded in creating a resource-recycling food supply chain by returning decomposed materials to the fields. This will reduce food waste generated at food processing plants and supermarkets.

In a new effort to aim for A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, the Yanmar Group takes on park management business of Nagai Park in Osaka. The renovated park is operated on the basis of resource recycling, and provides value as an urban park by introducing energy-saving equipment and its management systems that utilize Yanmar's cutting-edge technology and green power in its facilities. Through hosting many events at the park, we will enhance the value of urban park, conveying Yanmar's corporate philosophy and contributing to the development of the local community.

Fostering next generation leadership

As Yanmar celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2022, our employees are the driving force behind the business. No matter how much digitization and information technology accelerate, and work styles become more streamlined, the significance of employees will never change.

I believe that a workplace should be a place where employees can perform their abilities well and feel fulfilled on their jobs. The Yanmar Group has a tradition of encouraging employees to take on challenges. We have named this inherited corporate culture HANASAKA, which means to nurture the seeds of employees' self-development and help them blossom into a large flower of aspiration. Innovative ideas that create social value are born from such a rewarding workplace where people from diverse backgrounds work together and keep taking on challenges themselves. For a better future, we support human resources in diverse fields as well as foster the young people who lead the next generation.

A 200-year company that keeps creating social value

As we celebrate our 110th anniversary this year, we have already begun to create values for society toward the next 100 years. For a step toward this major goal, we are united as one Yanmar under the two pillars of Yanmar Green Challenge 2050 and HANASAKA, flexibly responding to the changes of the times and tackling challenges for our customers and society. Through new technology, Yanmar continues to provide new value for both human and nature.