September 23rd, 2016 | A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

To Share in the Joy and Delight of the Sea with People All Over the World

Yanmar has long provided a wide range of products and services for life at sea to people the world over. Having long regarded the beauty of the sea together with our customers, now we look forward to tomorrow and hope that generations to come will continue to enjoy the bounteous blessings of the sea for a prosperous future. With our ongoing development of cutting edge technology through long-earned experience, Yanmar seeks to find a way to share in the joy and delight of the sea with people all over the world through marine sports.

Yanmar Technology chosen by Oracle Team USA, Masters of the AMERICA'S CUP - The World's Premiere Yacht Racing Event

The AMERICA'S CUP brings yacht clubs from all around the world together to compete at the top of sailing in the World's premier maritime event. Founded in 1851, the event has a history that stretches back 160 years with the "Auld mug" widely known as the World's oldest trophy.

In this event so steeped in history, Oracle Team USA secured back-to-back victories with wins in the 33rd (2010) and 34th (2014) AMERICA'S CUPS. With teams now incorporating the latest sailing techniques and advances in boat building, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, meteorology and high performance engine technology in a high speed race across the waves Yanmar took its place as official technical partner of Oracle Team USA for the 34th AMERICA'S CUP.

In ever faster racing, Technical Partner Yanmar supports the bid for consecutive victories with advanced diesel engine technology

With ever increasing speed and demands for the most advanced technology, the AMERICA'S CUP is rapidly gaining a reputation as the "F1 of the ocean". The introduction of foiling catamarans at the 34th AMERICA'S CUP was a watershed in the performance achieved by the boats, ushering in a new era of high-speed racing. The chase boats, which constantly follow the race boats and not only provide emergency support, but also track race progress, gather and analyze real time performance data demand greater speed and power than ever before. Faced with a need for high performance under these punishing conditions, Oracle Team USA turned its focus to Yanmar with its rock-solid reliability in marine high-performance diesel engines.

Yanmar took Oracle Team USA up on their offer and agreed to join the team's program, taking part as their Official Technical Partner, providing engines and drive systems to the team. Yanmar fitted out the team's two chase boats with twin 8LV marine diesel engines and ZT drive systems and provides ongoing technical assistance to extract every ounce of power from the high performance engines.

Finally, with the partnership between two companies in place, Oracle Team USA faced off against Emirates Team NZ in the 34th AMERICA'S CUP in San Francisco and after three weeks of thrilling match racing, achieved back-to-back victories. The event also marks one of the most unlikely comebacks in sporting history with Oracle Team USA clawing its way back from being down 8-0 with a string of 9 consecutive victories. Yanmar's diesel engines played no small part in Oracle Team USA's victory, providing the speed, power and endurance to enable the chase boats to stay with the team in punishing conditions.

Once again, to the pinnacle of the ocean

This astounding victory strengthened the trust between Yanmar and Oracle Team USA and in July of 2015 they decided to team up again to defend the 35th AMERICA'S CUP in 2017. With race speeds increasing even further, the team has developed a new design chase boat around the 8LV diesel engine and the ZT drive. Currently, three Oracle Team USA chase boats sport the Yanmar engines to provide support for racing and practice. Yanmar is supporting Oracle Team USA as Technical Partner in its bid for a 3rd AMERICA'S CUP. Together with Oracle Team USA in pursuit of the dream of three consecutive victories.

Comment from Oracle Team USA skipper, Jimmy Spithill

"Yanmar is an extremely important partner to us. Thanks to Yanmar's engines, our chase boats are able to provide essential support to the race boats. These chase boats collect and analyze performance data and are really the brains of the race boats, and as such, they're an indispensable part of winning. With these reliable and high endurance onboard, we don't have to worry about the chase boats and can concentrate on winning the race."

Sharing the excitement of marine sport

Enchanted by the sea, we want to join with people the world over to communicate the thrill and splendour of the sea through our participation in marine sport.