November 29th, 2017 | PRODUCT

Yanmar Marine Launches Dtorque 111 Diesel Outboard Engine

When a new, game-changing engine is introduced to the market, it deserves its own, dedicated launch event. Late September, YANMAR organized a successful in- and outdoor event to celebrate the arrival of the Dtorque 111 twin-cylinder 50 hp diesel outboard engine. Earlier, YANMAR had signed an agreement with German manufacturer Neander Shark for exclusive global distribution of this revolutionary outboard engine.

Out on the water

On September 28th and 29th, YANMAR invited distributors, the media, and partners from 9 different countries to the Marina Muiderzand in Almere. The first day was reserved for a product presentation followed by a dinner. The next day, the group went out on the water for a morning of demonstration rides with 4 different boats equipped with Dtorque engines. Apart from the demonstrations, some participants grabbed the opportunity to do some steering themselves with varying degrees of success, or - more explicitly - wetness!

The participants were very pleased with the event and gave a lot of positive feedback and reactions on the occasion. Already, we have seen a valuable spin-off in media all over the world.

Dtorque 111

The Dtorque 111 is the world's smallest diesel outboard engine with common-rail fuel injection. This enables it to deliver an impressive performance with class-leading fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Dtorque 111is perfectly suited to fulfill the needs of the light duty commercial market, from wind turbine servicing and fish farming to harbor and patrol duties, water taxis and superyacht charter services.

First principles

To create the Dtorque 111 the German developer and manufacturer Neander Shark deconstructed conventional small-diesel engineering to first principles and re-designed it into a two-cylinder common-rail turbo charged diesel engine, combining long range, low running costs, durability, and low emissions.

Please see here a video of the event.