July 19th, 2016 | SPORTS, SOCCER, EVENT

The YT series tractor makes an entrance at the New York Red Bulls home stadium for “Yanmar Title Night”

Sharing the philosophy of Red Bull GmbH, active is supporting sports and athletes all over the world, Yanmar is challenging beyond to new heights as the Official Marketing Partner of the Major League Soccer, New York Red Bulls (NYRB) since 2015. With the commercial release of YT series tractor onto the North American market, Yanmar provided a new YT series tractor to the NYRB for use as a lawn mower to maintain the soccer grounds. The tractor is specially designed with team's logo featured on the body.

On May 28, together with the commercial release of the YT series tractor, a special match between the NYRB and the Toronto FC was held, blazing the Yanmar colors to celebrate. Both Yanmar and NYRB hoist red as their feature color. Under the slogan “Yanmar Engine powering in New York Red Bulls, Powered by Red, Powered by Passion” the New York Red Bull's were at the peak of their game, supported all the way by Yanmar.

With Yanmar and NYRB collaborative giveaways, a video available on the day, and the exhibition of the YT series tractor brandishing the NYRB logo, the stadium was alive with excitement.

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  • Held on: Saturday May 5, 2016 from 19:00-21:00
  • Held at: Red Bull Arena