Semi-Trash Pumps

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Higher performance over standard fresh water pumps, unique to Yanmar.

Handles gravel and trash below 20mm.

Easy maintenance: just remove the four bolts to clean the inside of the casing.

Uses: Agriculture, home, civil engineering, fishing


A Wide Option

YANMAR’s pump series range in bore size from 2“ to 4“ for fresh water, semi-trash, trash, and diaphragm models. The series can handle all types of water, from fresh to muddy sludge.

Long Running, Fuel Thrifty Diesels

Fuel-efficient diesel pumps can be operated 1.5-4 times longer than gasoline pumps. This advantage truly shows in night time and other continuous pumping operation at sites where no commercial power is available.

Durable Construction

The principal parts of each pump are reinforced for superior wear resistance. The trash pumps are further strengthened by adding liners to the inner casings.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts. With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy.