YEG 2 Pole, 3 Phrase

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Quiet and Gentle on the Environment

The first thing you notice about the New YEG series is that there is so little noise. YANMAR’s own CAE techniques have gauged the stiffness of materials just right and damped radiant noise. Those methods have also produced the perfect muffler volumes and optimum use of sound isolation materials. It all adds up to extra-low noise that is ideal for use in urban and residential areas. The all-round people-friendliness is obvious in the exhaust data, too, thanks to the YANMAR TNV engines.

The New YEG150 and YEG200 satisfy EPA Tier 2. They feature even better flow mixing in the main chamber and the special mouth around the injector, plus efficient use of incoming air for cleaner burning and low emissions. The New YEG300 / 400 / 500 give the air and fuel charging more fluid energy. The swirl continues during combustion for even better mixing and lower emissions. The New YEG series is kind to the environment. Beside low noise and emissions, it contains no asbestos, mercury, polybrominated biphenyl, polybrominated biphenyl ether or cadmium. The use of safe materials was a core theme from the word go.

Compact, Powerful and Long-Lasting

YANMAR has a long tradition of producing world class small, high-speed, hard-working engines. Their combination here with superb 3-phase, 4-wire generators, tried and tested across Asia and the Middle East, brings substantially bigger generation capacity for the same package size. The sound proofed bonnet is lightweight and takes up very little space. The TNV are YANMAR’s state-of-the-art small industrial engines, now even more durable than ever due to enhanced block cooling, stiffer cranks and pistons, and finer journal and other tolerance. The gensets have protective devices against lubrication oil pressure drop, excessive water temperature rise and faulty battery charging. These are gensets that will continue to run and run.

Fuel Thrifty and Easy to Run, Simple to Maintain

YANMAR has developed a remarkable new shape for the air flow of the combustion chamber through a rigorous process of experimentation and analysis. It achieves great mixing of fuel with air that maximizes air use and minimizes fuel consumption. The combination of low fuel consumption engines with high-efficiency power generation makes these quality gensets remarkably cheap to run.

Convenient Use and Maintenance

The convenience extends to every aspect of use and maintenance. You can put the light and compact New YEG almost anywhere without special foundation work, and all components are mounted on the single bed. Specially designed anti-vibration blocks establish even smoother running. The various filters and battery are located on the same side as the instrument panel for straightforward daily inspection and handling. The big fuel tank is good for over 12 hours’ continuous use at 70% load for YEG 170, 230 and 450, and good for 10 hours foe YEG650 and 750. In fact, all engine, generator and power functions are operated from a single location, and the control panel is big, high up and easy to see! The New YEG is a dream series for sureness and simplicity of use.

All the Safety of YANMAR

Full attention is given to the fine details of safety and dependability that count for so much. The output terminals are covered and placed well way from the instrument panel to prevent electric shocks etc. An earth terminal is included. All rotating parts are well covered, too, for accident-free operation. The use of damper coils in the brushless, AVR generation increases reliability still further by equalizing wave distortion.