Our History: World's Firsts

YANMAR has accumulated extensive know-how to give you the tools you need for your jobsite.
YANMAR was established in 1912 and successfully developed the world's first compact diesel engine in 1933. We have the same kind of rich history as a compact construction equipment supplier.

YANMAR celebrates the 50th anniversary of its construction equipment business since the 1968.

YANMAR Group also supplies tractors, UTVS, industrial engines, marine engines, and energy systems.
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[HB model] World's First Compact Diesel Engine

In 1933, Magokichi Yamaoka, the founder of YANMAR, succeeded to developing the world's first compact diesel engine.


[YNB300] World's First Self-propelled Wheel Type Compact Excavator (Wheeled)

The first ‘made in Japan’ compact excavator powered by a YANMAR compact diesel engine.
The YNB300 is where YANMAR’s construction machinery business was born.


[YNB400] World's First Compact Crawler Excavator

YANMAR developed the world's first compact crawler excavator.


[YN600C] World's First Built-in Traction Motor and Slide Type Boom

YANMAR developed world's first compact excavator with a built-in traction motor.
The ability of the YN600C to work in confined spaces, even right up against a wall, led to it becoming extremely popular and earned it the nickname: the wall magician.


[YTB1000] World's First Full Circle Turning Compact Excavator

YANMAR developed the world's first full circle turning compact excavator.
Proprietary technology was developed to realize a swift and smooth rotation.


[YB1200S] World's First Noise Reduction Compact Excavator

Not only was it quiet, this excavator could turn 360 degrees so that operators could get on and off from the right or the left side.
This model became bestseller with more than 10 thousand units sold.


[YB400] World's First Rubber Tracked Compact Excavator

YANMAR was the first in the world to adopt the rubber tracked crawler to avoid damaging roads and to reduce noise.
This model could be carried with 1t truck, and was the model which came to define the ultra-compact excavator.


[YB35DX] World's First 4-pump, Independent Swivel Control Compact Excavator

YANMAR was the first in the world to come to market with a 4-pump, independent swivel control compact excavator.
This is the origin of hydraulic systems found on compact excavators today.
This model could supply well-balanced hydraulic pressure, on work sites or when driving.


[B3] World's First Rounded Body Compact Excavator

YANMAR launched the advanced ‘super swing’ compact excavator.
The excavator featured an almost circular cab to enhance its turning ability.


[ViO40] World's First Zero Tail-swing Compact Excavator

In another world first, YANMAR launched the zero tail-swing compact excavator.
The ViO series solved a dilemma between ‘standard’ type and ‘super swing’ type, with a good performance, a simple boom, and a body that stayed pretty much within the machine width while turning.
It was more stable than the ‘super swing’ models and its radius was more compact than ‘standard’