Co-sponsored the Donation of Bridge to Indonesia

In February 2008, in a village near Yogyakarta, Java, a pedestrian bridge used in Moriguchi City, Osaka for 41 years was installed permanently. Osaka prefecture took a pivotal role for this effort, and Yanmar co-sponsored the project. In the village where a previous bridge was washed away in a debris flood, a simple bamboo bridge was in use to accommodate the damage. Osaka administrative officials when they visited Java for reconstruction support efforts for Java earthquake in 2006,they heard the village people’s request to re-establish their bridge again. Since the bridge in Osaka was proved to be as sturdy as it would last next 50 years, it was transformed into a bridge for pedestrian and bikes. The bridge was beautifully painted and the logos of the sponsored companies such as Yanmar added a nice touch to its finish.