[3YM27A, 27AK]


No.of Cylinder 4
Cylinder Bore 76mm
Stroke 82mm
Displacement [lit] 1.115
Lubricant system Pressure Lubrication with Trouchid Pump

Main Data


Model 3YM27A 3YM27AK
Rating Cont Max Cont Max
Output [kW(PS)] 19.4(26.4) 21.3(29.0) 19.4(26.4) 21.3(29.0)
Engine speed [min-1] 3101 3200 3101 3200
Direction of rotation Crankshaft Anti-clockwise (View from stern)
Propeller Shaft Clockwise (View from stern)
Cooling system Fresh water cooling with sea water cooled heat exchager Keel cooling
Starting system Electric Motor
Minimum battery capacity 12V, 96 (5h rate) Ah CCA 575a /JlS D 5301
Dimensions Length [mm] 715 690
Width [mm] 534 534
Height [mm] 649 575
Dry weight with KM2P-1 [kg] 147 138

Marine Gear Specifications

Marine Gear Model KM2P-1
Type Constant mesh gear with servo-cone clutch
Reduction ration [fwd/asn] 2.21/3.06, 2.62/3.06
Direction of rotation Clockwise (View from stern)
Dry weight [kg] 9.8


Unit: mm


Power Chart

Power Range

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