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Fundamental Research

Technologies for the future

The development of Yanmar products begins with “fundamental technology research” at our Research and Development Center in Maibara, Japan.
Thinking in the mid- to long-term, we are working on various research topics related to energy and its applications, in order to solve issues faced by our customers and provide value above and beyond expectations.
The fundamental technology developed at our R&D center is handed over to our product development division.

Product Development

Making customer wishes a reality
- Establishing quality from the start of development

Through the work of our Development Division, we incorporate to our products the technology established during fundamental research. We bring our customers on-board during the product planning phase, allowing us to reflect customer requirements in the product design. By conducting preliminary and verification testing in actual vessels from the prototyping phase, we are able to build-in a high degree of quality from the initial stages of development.

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