YANMAR COMPACT EQUIPMENT EMEA Engaged in Various CSR Activities in 2023

February 16, 2024
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Collecting Used Batteries

Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA (“YCE EMEA”) has started collecting used batteries to take part in “1 battery = 1 donation”. Since 2014, a French eco-organization has been collecting used batteries and donating 250 euros per ton to “Telethon”, a French association made up of patients and their parents fighting rare diseases. The objective is twofold, to protect the environment and to contribute to the fight against rare diseases. In 2022, the initiative recycled 8 million batteries and the eco-organization donated a check for 42,590 euros to the Telethon. YCE EMEA also supports this initiative called “1 battery = 1 donation” and set up a used battery collection box within the premises in France, collecting 81 kg of batteries between November 2022 and January 2023.

Blood Donation Campaign

In May 2023, YCE EMEA and our employees conducted a blood donation campaign again at company’s facility (Saint Dizier, France) and collected 46 blood bags. We are proud to have contributed to life-saving activities and research by donating the blood bags they collected to the French civilian operator of blood transfusion “Etablissement francais du Sang”. Our activities were a great success and were relayed in the local press.

Sponsoring and Participating in a Marathon Event

YCE EMEA sponsored the major sporting event "MARATHON DU LAC DU DER" in the Grand Est region of France. The event, in which 1,500 runners run 42km in solo, duo and quartet teams, is very popular in northeastern France. In addition to sponsorship, a total of 21 runners from YCE EMEA participated in the "Company Challenge" of the race, and won the team challenge. Participating in this activity helped foster a sports culture and strengthened team unity.

Music Festival Sponsorship

YCE EMEA sponsored “Musical ‘été,” a big free music event held every year in Saint-Diger, France. This is the third time that we have sponsored this event. Nearly 43,000 people gathered over two evenings for the concert, which featured nationally and internationally renowned artists. We held an in-house lottery for the 15 VIP seat tickets that we received as a partner company to give them out to employees. Sponsoring music events fostered a musical culture and boosted employee morale.

Improving Employee Awareness of Cancer

YCE EMEA supported "Pink October" and “Movember” to raise awareness of male and female cancers. To support “Pink October” to raise awareness of breast cancer, and "Movember" to raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health, our employees wore pink outfits and ribbons, and raised funds for local charities.

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