Spraying Robot: Japanese innovation for winegrowers

Spraying Robot: Japanese innovation for winegrowers

The future of vineyard technology
starts here.

Yanmar is introducing the next leap forward in winegrowing production technology – YV01.

Leading European vineyards and Yanmar’s cutting edge research experts have joined forces to
develop YV01 – an autonomous spraying robot set to transform the world of wine production.

It’s a unique and innovative solution aimed at setting new working conditions in this sector.


Less soil compaction

Soil compaction can be a big challenge for winegrowers when using vineyard machinery.

Not anymore. By implementing advanced Yanmar technology, YV01 is extremely light compared with other agricultural robots. Compaction is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Can handle slopes of 45%

Versatility is in YV01’s DNA. Due to its design and state of the art components the robot can ascend and descend slopes of up 45% - a major advantage for growers in certain terrains. And it’s perfect for operating in vineyards with narrow paths and with smaller vines.

Fully autonomous with GPS

Using the very latest GPS-RTK navigation technology, the robot works without a driver. And powered by a robust, fuel-efficient gas engine it works long hours, non-stop. The vineyard simply needs to have a supervisor monitoring the work undertaken.

Electrostatic spraying

At the heart of YV01 is electrostatic spraying technology which ensures that all surfaces of the plant - exposed or hidden – are treated efficiently and economically. The result? The amount of water or chemicals used is optimised and with less waste. A big benefit for the vineyard’s bottom line.

Japanese manufacturing delivers the highest quality

Yanmar’s YV01 robot has been designed at the R&D centre in Maibara in Japan and all the components are locally sourced through a trusted and reliable supply chain. Final production is completed in-house.

Quality is carefully controlled so users can buy with confidence. This promise is backed up by the vast reach of the European parts distribution centre in The Netherlands ensuing machine downtime is kept to a minimum, creating an irresistible industrial package ideal for the latest robotics tasks.

Product specifications

Type YV01 Performance Autonomous operation
Weight 1 ton Fuel Gasoline
Engine Honda IGX 800, air-cooled Power 27 hp
Cylinders 4 Fuel tank 19L
Speed 4km/h Spray tank 200L
Slope Up to 45% Lateral slope Up to 19%


ARS prototype servicing a vineyard in the Champagne region, France

Yanmar and Agricultural

Yanmar has a long and proud heritage of introducing advanced innovation into the world of agriculture.
Since 1912 the company has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies which boost the drive towards achieving sustainable agriculture.
Yanmar’s ever-evolving expertise uses Information and Communication Technologies such as SMARTASSIST, which optimizes agricultural tasks and ensures streamlined and efficient management.
Click on the link below to see how our research and development is devoted to creating autonomously driven Yanmar tractors.
Our vision for the future is typified by our goal to propose to the market a 100% electrically driven robot and modular robotics platforms.

Yanmar has provided more than a century of game-changing innovation and is firmly focused on enhancing agricultural technology for decades to come.

More about smart agriculture



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