Engine refit improves performance for Ocean Bounty

November 20, 2020
Yanmar Europe B.V.

When a fishing vessel gets older, that is certainly no reason to write her off. With a good refit, she certainly deserves a new life and can last for many years of reliable service. That's how it happened with 22-year-old Ocean Bounty serving in the Scottish fishing industry for so long.

Higher towing power

When the vessel had a refit done by our valuable partner MacDuff Shipyards it was equipped with a new variable pitch propeller which turned out to be performing very well with the 745kW (999HP) YANMAR 6EY17W marine propulsion engine. Prior to the first 5-day voyage, YANMAR authorised commercial marine engines service dealer Trevor McDonald Ltd. carried out a bollard pull. The 6EY17W performed very well and exceeded the towing power of the original, heavier 1,200HP engine it replaced.

Lower fuel consumption

Compared to a previous engine, after the first 5 days, the 1,000HP YANMAR engine saved about 10% of fuel. This saving was noticed when refueling in many fishing trips that followed.

“Saving 10% of fuel per day is an amazing result of excellent fuel economy combined with improved towing power. Low overall life time costs are crucial for our vessel making many miles when fishing. “ commented the owner of Ocean Bounty Mr. Wayne Beagrie.

“These results are very positive and important feedback for us to further market YANMAR marine engines as economical, but powerful engines to meet the stringent requirements the latest emissions and modern deep-sea fishing.”, says Mr. Trevor McDonald the owner of Trevor McDonald Ltd in Scotland.

Durable and reliable marine engines

The 6EY17W engine is a medium-speed propulsion engine belonging to the YANMAR EY-series with a power range 374-4500kW. These engines stand for clean and reliable technology which delivers on three promises: earth friendliness, safe and economical navigation, and life cycle value. They offer low fuel consumption, reduced NOx emissions (IMO Tier 3 compliant), high efficiency and easy maintenance for trouble-free operation at sea.

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