Yanmar Europe BV

Trade name Yanmar Europe B.V.
Head office Brugplein 11, 1332 BS Almere, The Netherlands
Founded October, 1989
Capital 337 million euro
President Peter Aarsen
Employees (consolidated base) 215

YANMAR EUROPE is the regional headquarters of YANMAR CORPORATION LIMITED Japan. Established in 1989, we are located in Almere, near Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. From this central European location, we maintain and develop the sales and service networks for all YANMAR products and equipment and connect with customers across Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. YANMAR EUROPE is also the shareholder of all YANMAR Group companies in Europe.

At YANMAR EUROPE, we are committed to YANMAR’s corporate mission to provide customers in our region with optimal solutions for harnessing power and producing food, two of the most important challenges facing the world today. We achieve this with innovative technology, targeted products and services, and reliable support, training and assistance.

“As a strong, global brand, YANMAR is fully committed to face the challenges that lie ahead in an ever faster changing world. That’s why we will continue to develop our technology and our business by listening carefully to our customers and responding to their needs.” - Peter Aarsen, President YANMAR Europe BV

YANMAR Europe provides sales and service support of

  • Compact Industrial Engines
  • Medium Speed Commercial Marine Engines
  • High Speed Commercial Marine Engines
  • Agricultural and Products & Equipment

and other services, including

  • Assembly of recreational marine engines
  • International distribution of spare parts
  • Specialist product training via YANMAR Europe Academy

Food and energy are two needs of increasing importance for our present society. YANMAR aims at providing innovative, reliable and efficient solutions to customers to meet these challenges while creating a global sustainable future for mankind and the environment. We have been doing this for more than 100 years and will continue to do so for the next 100 years.

This philosophy distinguishes YANMAR from its competitors. With technology as our core focus, we aim to enrich people’s lives and enable a harmonious balance with nature.

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