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Yanmar Europe Academy is a professional, high-end training and development programme to grow talents, gain knowledge and skills and drive professionalism of our distribution network, our customers and our own organisation.

Throughout the year, a team of dedicated industry experts deliver classroom-based training, hands-on courses and e-learning. The training team is highly motivated to share Yanmar’s global, leading expertise in maintenance, diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, job skills, leadership and management to enhance the knowledge and skills of our distribution network, customers and employees.

Yanmar Europe Academy is designed to help develop, grow and strengthen the expertise and insights of all participants in the program and to ignite collaboration between distributors, dealers, customers, employees and Academy trainers. We strongly believe that mutual success is the way to continuous growth, not only in business, but also in personal skills and relationships.

Yanmar Europe Academy consists of two development tracks:

A: World-Class Dealer and Technician Training program

This year-round training programme provides multiple classes – online and in class – developed and taught by certified Yanmar experts. The teaching materials empower our network with all the knowledge they need to service and repair a large variety of Yanmar products. With the speed of change in the world around us and the ongoing digitisation of many Yanmar products, active and continuous learning is a “must” to stay successful and up-to-date with the latest developments.

With this programme, our distributors, dealers and customers acquire the right skills and tools to troubleshoot and diagnose issues especially with electronic equipment, following a unified approach across multiple Yanmar products. By empowering our distribution network and technicians with Yanmar-specific practical skills, we aim to grow and strengthen our already broad dealer network.

Web-Based Training

In addition to our existing best-in-class programme offering, Yanmar Europe Academy is constantly developing and adding additional technical courses into Web Based Training (WBT). WBT is available 24/7 and lets participants learn without the costs of travelling. With just one click they can access the online system with interactive classes and product videos. The theoretical knowledge of Yanmar products such as engine technology and tractor hydraulic scheme is then easy to learn.

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training is provided in the Yanmar TRAINING CENTRE in The Netherlands where participants follow courses specially adapted for the training purpose in one of Yanmar’s product areas: agriculture equipment, industrial engines, or one of our specific systems and software. Each class includes direct access to our demonstration area and training products. For our end-customers an hands-on training can also be provided on-site.


Courses are concluded with a certificate. After successfully finishing an on-line training course for instance in the field of industrial engines and software, the participant is recognized as a Yanmar Specialist. After completing online and hands-on training for all industrial engines, the participant becomes a Yanmar Master. The ultimate goal is to help our distribution network recruit knowledge & skills and increase the professionality.

B: Leadership & Talent development programme

Working closely with an international leadership development company, Yanmar Europe Academy offers a broad training programme with valuable management tools for our employees at all job levels.

Annual Programme

Employees of various European Yanmar companies work together in inspiring locations in The Netherlands in consecutive days within an annual programme. Inspiring group sessions and collaboration motivate change and long-term growth, both as a group and as an individual. This unique concept helps talented employees to excel in their work, develop their personal skills and strengthen engagement with the company.

Mission Training

In addition to the Leadership & Talent Development Programme, Yanmar offers world-wide mission training. With a history of more than a century, we have developed a clear mission which is transferred, communicated, disseminated in person to each individual of our workforce.

In line with our business strategy and ambition to grow in all aspects of our business, we attach great importance to the development of professional and personal talents and skills of Yanmar employees. Current global trends and rapid changes in the modern workplace can lead to a skills gap, which can have an impact on productivity and competitive advantage. This is the gap we want to close.

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