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Yanmar Portable Diesel Pumps

The durable fuel-efficient portable diesel water pump with a 13L tank for watering and dewatering agricultural and construction areas.

A portable diesel pump for the most demanding challenges

YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
For agriculture & irrigation
  • A durable, diesel-powered water pump to deal with a range of tasks including agriculture, irrigation, farming and capable of quickly moving, lifting, or dispersing water.
  • The pumps can handle freshwater or water littered with debris such as trash or semi-trash water. They can also function as a sprinkler and hose in a variety of environments.
  • They represent the latest episode in Yanmar’s commitment to sustainability.
YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
For construction sites
  • A vital, durable partner to tackle on-site issues with semi trash and trash water ensuring that foundations, tunnels and pits remain dry.
  • The versatile, high-performance pumps guarantee reliable and steady supplies of water for dispersing, jetting and hosing duties even in off-grid conditions.
  • The new pumps keep your construction sites, foundations, tunnels and excavation pits dry – maximizing productivity
YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
For Residential areas
  • Yanmar’s portable pumps offer wide versatility in residential use for transferring or dispersing clean/clear water or water containing debris.
  • They can also provide vital backup in the case of flooding and overflowing incidents.
  • The pumps are ideal for pool and pond usage or during calamities such as flooding.
YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
For floods and calamities
  • Portable and fuel-efficient trash and semi-trash diesel pumps for emergency water management.
  • Flood control during excessive rainfall and floods.
  • Fast & easy deployable also in off-grid areas.
  • Manage stormwater, heavy rainfall or groundwater.

Fuel-efficient diesel water pump

YDP series come with a Yanmar air-cooled L-type engine. This micro-size fuel injection system ensures ultra-low fuel consumption. The result: a portable diesel generator that consumes as little as a litre per working hour.

Electric key start

The electric start diesel powered water pumps are without a doubt highly convenient. Diesel pumps that have an electric start also have a recoil start for backup.

Standard 13 litre Diesel Tank

Versatile diesel powered generator with unparalleled runtime. One single tank of diesel will run for 8 hours. Ideal for all kinds of job sites, events and agricultural & landscaping duties.

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YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
Fresh & (Semi-) Trash

High quality cast iron and steel impellers and a huge 13 litre fuel tank in a range of 44 models ensure that the new Yanmar diesel pumps can effortlessly deal with clean, semi-trash and trash water which might be littered with debris or sandy and in a variety of sectors and applications.

YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
High Flow Rate

Powered by a cutting edge high-pressure diesel pump for quickly draining, dispersing and supplying fresh water.

For trash water, up to 105,000 litres per hour can be pumped with 78,000 litres per hour for fresh and semi-trash water.

YDP Portable Diesel Pumps
Stage V and CE-certified

The new Yanmar pumps meet all global emissions standards with some models fully Stage V compliant.

Ensured lower operating costs and significant reduction in fuel consumption. This also means that operating costs are cut and fuel consumption is greatly reduced.

Designed for Durability, Performance and Flexibility
Featuring electric start capability, the compact and lightweight pumps maximise performance. Coupled with low maintenance, the industrial-strength pumps are highly versatile to tackle any challenge – in any environment.
Designed for Durability, Performance and Flexibility
Standard large 13 litre fuel tank
With a larger than industry standard fuel tank providing continuous and longer running hours.
Recoil or Electric
All models are available in recoil or electric model: easily start your pump with just a key switch.
Cast iron and cast steel components
Provides durability and reliability – even in the toughest conditions
High outputs: from 500 up to 1.750 ltr/min
Versatile and able to pump liquids with varying characteristics and content from freshwater to liquid with significant amounts of debris
Four stroke air cooled YANMAR diesel engine
Provides dependable, fuel-efficient power

YDP-series technical specs datasheet

Fresh, semi-trash, trash water
Engine Type
YANMAR air-cooled L-series
550 – 1750 ltr/min
Engine Fuel
Suction & discharge Ø (mm/inch)
50 (2″) | 80 (3″) | 100 (4″)
Fuel Tank Capacity
Maximum output
3.4 -7.4 kW
Max. Total Head
22.5 – 32 m
Suction Lift
7 m
Electric & recoil
Cast iron, cast steel
44 – 109 kg

Salem Gumaan Ba Mahri
We are selling the Yanmar Pumps and Generators for the last 10 years in the Saudi market, our customers are very happy with the reliability and performance of Yanmar’s products.
Salem Gumaan Ba Mahri Sales Manager | Manahel Technical EST

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