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Yanmar Genuine Oil Filters

Optimum Engine Performance with Yanmar Genuine Oil Filters

Genuine Yanmar oil filters purify lubricating oil into clean engine oil. Clean oil is vital for optimum engine performance, cooling and lubrication. Dirty oil causes unwanted wear, machine damage and less productivity.

Yanmar’s genuine oil filters efficiently filter coarse and fine particles from the oil ensuring that your Yanmar engine always operates with optimum oil supply, either when cold starting, frequently restarting or operating at high load. Their high dirt capacity and optimum filtration performance provide superior protection, save maintenance costs and boost productivity during the engine’s entire life.

Keep your Yanmar engine in top condition with Genuine Yanmar oil filters.

  • High dirt absorption capacity
  • Clean oil due to consistently high filtration efficiency
  • Safeguard against leakage of unfiltered oil
  • Long life reduces interference and maintenance costs
  • Protection against hazardous wear and tear

Yanmar Oil Filter vs. Non-Genuine Performance Comparison

Product Life & Filtration Efficiency

  • Imitation parts clog up easily, causing frequent replacements
  • As imitation parts become clogged in a short period, they need to be replaced frequently
  • Poorly manufactured imitation parts easily cause rust, cracks, and further damage
  • Fine Yanmar fibres provide accurate filtering for a long service life
  • The low filtration accuracy of imitation parts is a factor in engine problems
  • Inaccurate filtering of imitation parts often creates engine failure

Yanmar Oil Filter Overview

Part NumberParts Description
114250-35100FILTER ASSY, OIL
114299-35110FILTER ASSY, OIL
119005-35151FILTER, OIL D80X100
119005-35170FILTER, OIL D80X100
119305-35151FILTER ASSY, D68XL65
119305-35170FILTER ASSY, D68XL65
124085-35113FILTER, OIL D80X120
124085-35170FILTER, OIL D80X120
124593-35100FILTER, OIL D80X100
124593-35170FILTER, OIL D80X100
127695-35150FILTER, OIL
127695-35160FILTER, OIL
129150-35153FILTER ASSY, D80X80L
129150-35170FILTER ASSY, D80X80L
148620-35400FILTER, OIL
148620-35450FILTER, OIL
148633-35400FILTER, OIL

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