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Yanmar Genuine Fuel Filters

Keep Your Engines Clean With Yanmar Genuine Fuel Filters

To ensure optimal engine performance and maintain emissions compliance, it is recommended to use Genuine Yanmar fuel filters. These filters are designed to prevent water and dirt from entering your engine and clogging the system.

Yanmar fuel filters are manufactured in strict accordance with Yanmar factory standards, providing excellent fuel filtration, extended product life, and low emission levels. By using these filters, you can be sure that your engine receives the best possible protection.

Yanmar Genuine Filters

Yanmar Genuine Parts are the sole components produced in accordance with Yanmar’s stringent standards for quality and durability.

  • Effective prevention of clogging prevents wear
  • High-capacity fuel filtration for extended product life
  • High durability, less interference
  • High-density filter paper; water and oil flow repellent
  • Micro-fibre design captures variously sized particles

Optimum Fuel Consumption

Genuine Yanmar fuel filters are designed to remove water and dirt from fuel, preventing the degradation of the fuel injection system and avoiding clogging.

Fuel filters also play a crucial role in protecting your engine and ensuring optimum fuel consumption. By meeting the latest, most stringent emission standards, Yanmar fuel filters are essential to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Regularly replacing Yanmar fuel filters is important for extending product life, ensuring high durability, and keeping warranty in place.

Fuel Filter

Each genuine Yanmar fuel filter is specifically designed to prevent corrosion caused by moisture or water. This design greatly reduces the risk of fuel leakage. The top and exterior plates are coupled and remain sealed to prevent deformation.

In addition, the perforated plate of the fuel filter is strong enough to withstand high pressure during filtration. The filter uses double-edged, high-density filter paper with a special micro-fibre design. This design allows the filter to trap particles as small as 1μ, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Filtration Efficiency

First-class fuel filtration is essential for modern diesel engines to retain excellent performance, comply with high emission standards, and extend product life. Contaminating particles in the fuel, such as dust and water, cause unwanted wear and tear of moving parts in the injection system. Poor fuel injection may cause starting problems and loss of engine power. Inadequate filtration may lead to corrosion and the risk of fuel leakage. Genuine Yanmar fuel filters with high-density filter paper with special micro-fiber design effectively trap and remove contaminants, even as small as 1μ. They are the absolute protection for any Yanmar engine.

Yanmar Fuel Filter Overview

Part NumberParts Description
114239-55130FILTER ASSY, FUEL
114250-55100FILTER, FUEL INLET
114250-55121FILTER ASSY, FUEL
114250-55121FILTER ASSY, FUEL
119802-55710ELEMENT, FUEL
119802-55801FILTER, FUEL
119802-55810FILTER, FUEL
123907-55801FILTER, FUEL
123907-55810FILTER, FUEL
129004-55801FILTER, FUEL
129004-55810FILTER, FUEL
129470-55703FILTER, FUEL
129470-55810FILTER, FUEL
129907-55801FILTER, FUEL
129907-55810FILTER, FUEL
129A00-55800FILTER, FUEL
171081-55910FILTER, FUEL 100M

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