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About Yanmar Europe B.V.

I am proud to be a part of Yanmar, a company with unique history and heritage. My goal is to continue the successful path we created for sustainable solutions, today, tomorrow and generations after.

Samir Laoukili – President Yanmar Europe

International EMEA Headquarters

Yanmar Europe B.V. in Almere, The Netherlands, is a group company of Yanmar Co Ltd. With over 200 employees and more than 35 nationalities under one roof, we are a truly international company and the EMEA headquarters for all business activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Founded in Japan in 1912, Yanmar was a pioneer in diesel technology. We’ve developed our technology, knowledge and leading experience into a strong, global company with a clear vision for the next 100 years in planet-conscious power technology. Yanmar has roughly 20,000 employees and a professional partner network in more than 130 countries.

Maximum Prosperity with Minimum Resources

The determination to create new value drives our activities in territories all over the world. At the heart of these activities is technology. In our belief, technology should be “realizing maximum prosperity using minimum resources”. Based on this conception, we provide solutions and services worldwide to the increasingly diverse challenges and needs of our customers.

So that ships keep sailing, machinery and engines continue to run, farmers can harvest, homes and buildings are heated or cooled and we can all work and live with peace of mind. This is how we want to contribute to meeting the global challenges that we are facing today and tomorrow.

Forward-thinkers in technological innovation

At Yanmar, we are forward-thinkers with an open mind towards making the future more sustainable. By constantly innovating. In technology, customer focus, environmental and societal needs.

To achieve the solutions the world is waiting for, we pursue technologies leading to maximum prosperity using minimum resources. As you may expect, we are always one step ahead of the latest technological insights in power generation, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and what is still ahead.

Just see our latest innovations. Some already in full use, others still in development. Robotic tractors, automated vineyard sprayers, auto-docking boats, hydrogen fuel cell technology, zero-emission buildings, agricultural sensing drones. As always, our guiding principle is not the product itself, but the challenges we can solve. With quality, reliability and sustainability at the core.

Sales & Distribution

From our logistically centrally located head office in the Netherlands, we keep sales and distribution running like clockwork. Here, we house a hypermodern, [5,000-m2] warehouse with fully automated storage and retrieval for central dispatch and fast delivery of Yanmar spare parts and fluids to wherever you are.


Professional service, support and training are invaluable to extend the total lifetime value of your Yanmar product. The Dutch Support Department works from Almere to maximize your uptime, together with our extensive network of specialized Yanmar dealers across the EMEA region.


Throughout the year, a team of dedicated industry experts deliver classroom training, hands-on courses and web-based training from Yanmar Europe Training Academy. Here, the training team enthusiastically shares Yanmar’s global, leading expertise in power technology, job skills, leadership and management to enhance the knowledge of our distributors, dealers, customers and employees.


The assembly of leisure marine engines and compact tractors, and customization of commercial marine engines is daily work for the experienced team of skilled technicians in our Assembly Department. They make sure that these products fully comply with the requirements of our customers and all applicable European legislation.

Yanmar family values

We are an international company with more than 35 nationalities employed, an EMEA reach and Japanese roots. Efficiency, reliability, and innovation are the basic values that reflect our products, but also inspire our people in their work.

They are the foundation on which we find new opportunities to improve every day, strive for higher quality and learn from each other. That’s where we with our company, our values, and how we live our work make the difference.

Giving back to society

We strive to create value for a wide range of stakeholders and contribute to a society that enriches our lives today and those of our children and (great)grandchildren tomorrow. From this perspective, we also feel a great responsibility to give back to the local community.

That is why you will see Yanmar Europe engage in various sporting, environmental and educational activities. From the Yanmar Stadium as sponsorship for FC Almere City, local sporting activities and a bee-saving environmental project at Yanmar premises to working experience for PrO Almere students as a training company and guest lectures at schools.

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