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If you are looking for a silent, compact and reliable power source then Yanmar Power Products are ideal for you. Durability and long working life are designed from the start. Powered by direct injection air-cooled diesel, which is among the smallest in the world, these engines offer superb fuel savings. The power is high, but the cost is low.

New Generators (YDG)

Air cooled diesel generators. Compact, efficient, quiet. Get your reliable power 2- 15kVa output.
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New Diesel Pumps (YDP)

Portable Diesel Water Pumps. Air-cooled, lightweight and compact. Available from 550-1.750 L/min.
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Yanmar Genuine Parts

Maximize the longevity, reliability and total cost of ownership (TCO) by using Yanmar Genuine Parts.

The same exceptional engineering and quality standards apply to Genuine Parts. This gives you the peace of mind that with Yanmar’s Genuine Parts you will keep your performance high no matter the conditions.

Welders (YDW)

Air-cooled diesel welder. Reliable and durable when precise work of 50-180A is required.
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