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New 4.6 liter, EU Stage V compliant, charged air cooler, two stage turbocharged, common rail engine peaks at 155kW while developing a staggering 805Nm of torque.


Vertical cylinder, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine. EU Stage V compliant. With Common Rail system to allow fine-tuned electronic control of fuel injection.

Cooled EGR System

This is a system to recirculate some of the exhaust gas back into the air intake. It reduces NOx emission by controlling the oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber and reduces the combustion temperature.

Direct Injection

Direct Injection to create clean-burning power.

Yanmar Power Pack

The Power Pack is designed to meet diverse user needs and market requirements. It provides durable performance, high quality and versatility while keeping the fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Gas Engine

Vertical 4-cycle water-cooled gas engines utilizing a stoichiometric combustion and a multi-point injection system. Designed for high output, optimum fuel efficiency and the levels of durability customers have come to expect from Yanmar, these compact models also offer superb value with low life-cycle costs.

Air-cooled diesel engine

Home About Us Product Photos
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