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Receive automatic information when YANMAR EUROPE publishes a new press release. Subscribe to our RSS feed of press releases. This service is free and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

What is RSS feed?

It is a web feed that allows you to access updates on our news page in a standardized, computer-readable format. Subscribing to RSS feeds can allow you to keep track of our press releases. News aggregators (or “RSS readers”) can be built into a browser, installed on a desktop computer, or installed on a mobile device. If an RSS feed has been subscribed to, it automatically provides the subscriber with all the new content relating to the selected topic. The subscriber to the RSS feed can follow the offered links directly and read the full contents there.

How can I use RSS feed?

You need either an up-to-date Internet browser with integrated RSS functionality or a freely available newsreader in order to use this service. Furthermore, most of the latest Smartphones offer such a newsreader as standard, so that you can always receive the latest information.

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Home RSS Feed
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