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Success at Croatian fishfarming industry

June 30, 2021
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Well respected Yanmar Croatian distributor NAVELA has been next to recreational business also busy helping aquaculture clients across the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

Fish farming company Cromaris, a sea bass and bream specialist, has commissioned NAVELA company to help expand its fleet.
The first working catamaran project, seven units of WC40, is powered with twin Yanmar 6CHE3 L-rating.

The latest vessels which will go into service July 2021 will be the NB055, currently under construction at the Radez yard on the island of Korcula, Croatia.
When launched, this will mean the fourth hull of similar support vessels, type WB24 and WB27 have gone into service from NAVELA.

Powered by a centrally-mounted Yanmar 6AYM-WET HD, both ships feature a single-stage clutch-reducer YXH-204L i=5.91 with the engine running at 1,840rpm. Power output is 555kW, with auxiliary power coming from two diesel-electric engines producing 63kW and 100kW. It’s been a productive business partnership. Nevenka Calic, managing director at Navela explains.

“In 2014 Navela invited a few yards to to join the introduction of the NCL-LX net cleaner at the Cromaris fish farm.
A well know yacht company Radez was highly impressed, and from then on a successful relationship has been established and we are proud that Yanmar products are doing such a great job in the aquaculture field.”

Navela has plenty of experience with net cleaning robots, dating back to 2009 with the first sale of a NCL-SE3. This was followed by a NCL-LX in 2014.

Realising how suited the Yanmar engines are to the marine environment, the company went on to adopt the first 6CH engine series and later the 6AY engine series. By January 2018, when the first support boat was ordered, for a tuna farming company Jadran Tuna, a 6AY-WET engine was the obvious choice, and now that has over 6,000 trouble-free working hours. The customer was so happy with the vessel that the fleet was expanded, with the addition of the Pelagos III commissioned in April of 2019 and the Support II commissioned in February 2020.


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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