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Norwegian fleet expands with a new build trawler “HARDHAUS”

July 29, 2021
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Yanmar auxiliary engines support North Sea fishing. The Norwegian Møgster family has welcomed the latest trawler to join the fleet, the Hardhaus. Built in the Cemre Shipyard in Altınova, Turkey, the 75.67m vessel has been designed by Salt Ship Design to be as energy-efficient as possible. Due to commence operations in the North Sea, the new ship will fly the Norwegian flag and be based in Bergen. Maximum onboard carrying capacity is 2,400 tonnes of fish. Top speed is 17 knots and there is provision for 14 crew.

Auxiliary choice – why Yanmar?

Tor Henning Vestbøstad, sales director at Salt Ship Design explains, “When choosing auxiliary units for trawlers, usually the shipyard selects from a pre-approved list provided by the owners, who have the final say in the decision. The reason for selecting a specific make is typically based on experience, technical performance and the commercial competitiveness.”

In order to get the most efficient operation possible, two 60Hz Yanmar marine diesel gensets were selected, each producing 750ekW at 900RPM. Fishing vessels like trawlers, rely heavily on the auxiliary units and the Hardhaus features a novel on-deck electricity management system backed by a 1,000kW battery. Vestbøstad continues, “One specialty for this vessel worth mentioning is that the Energy Storage System (ESS/battery bank) also has a secondary function providing emergency power instead of an industry-standard emergency generator.”

The auxiliary units are a key part of this power network. With the addition of reactive energy generated by the winches, which can be fed back into the system, and the way it’s all controlled means the generators get a more predictable power demand allowing for greater optimisation and fuel economy. As a result, the deck machinery can be reduced in size and weight, cutting fuel consumption overall and adding to the overall efficiency. More electrical energy is available during fishing reducing emissions. It also increases the profit margin for the operator.


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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