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Specialist salmon carrier features Yanmar power for propulsion and auxiliaries

September 30, 2021
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Norwegian operator Rostein AS has taken delivery of its newest live fish carrier, the Ro Sailor. She left Larsnes Mek Verksted AS on July 21st and entered full service on the 26th. The owner is using her for transporting smolt and salmon from the farms to the factory in Frøya. She measures 79.27 metres long and is 15 metres wide, and she’s designed for a crew of 12.

The vessel benefits from Yanmar engines for propulsion and auxiliaries. Jarle Gunnarstein, CEO at Larsnes explains, “The main engine is a 2,990 kW 6EY33-W set up to run at up to 750 RPM. It’s the first time in Europe this engine has been used for propulsion. We chose this because the Ro Sailor is designed for higher speeds, so the maximum is around 15 knots with ballast and just over 13.5 knots when filled with fish.”

Deciding on the powerplant was not difficult for the operator. Gunnarstein continues, “Rostein had already installed 26 Yanmar 6EY22ALW units so it was easy for them to choose Yanmar.

“Yanmar is very good choice and we at Larsnes have installed 45 engines in total including the 3 for the NB 68 Orca Yka that we have just started outfitting. Orca Yka will have the same engine spec as the Ro Sailor.”

The Ro Sailor has two gensets, both 1,300 kW 6EY22-ALWs operating at 900 RPM.
Gunnarstein has been installing Yanmar engines for years, he remembers the first well. “It was in 1998 and it was the Longliner, Hauge Senior. The engine was a 1,100 kW M-220-SN. In fact, it was the first Yanmar propulsion engine fitted in Norway.”

The lifecycle costs and availability of service parts are also a key factor when considering which engine to install. Gunnarstein notes, “Yanmar understands that having a satisfied customer is very important when deciding which engine to fit. Servicing and spare parts pricing is a part of this, as is ensuring that parts are in stock when the customer needs them.”


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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