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HANDSHAKES are gone, business continues

November 29, 2021
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Meeting our business partners always brings a spark to the existing and new relationships in our network. Last year, unfortunately, quite a few of the exhibitions were postponed from 2020 to 2021, sometimes even several times, due to the pandemic.

However, we kept our spirits up and as soon as the green light came, we were ready to meet. And how rewarding this was! To finally be able to gather again in person and make new plans for new successful, high-quality projects. Handshakes were gone, but the business continued as usual.

Nine events in six months

You might have met our colleagues from the Marine Commercial and Agriculture departments at one of the following events.

Aqua Nor, 24-27 August, Norway

Together with Maritim Motor – our service dealer in Norway.

Ronny Vik, Manager/CEO of Maritim Motor: “YANMAR is a well-known engine brand in Norway. During the show we met representatives of fisheries and aquaculture farms. Vessel owners like to power by YANMAR, as it is a mechanical engine that offers engineers and operators on board full control over performance and maintenance costs.”

Seafood Expo Russia, 8-10 September, Russia

Owners of fishing vessels and shipyards showed their continuing interest in YANMAR as a brand and manufacturer of reliable, purpose-built marine engines that put owners in the driver’s seat and offer controlled ownership costs.

NEVA, 21-24 September, Russia

Co-operation with our partners Yachmarket in Russia and Vaarma in Latvia.

Sergey Tonyshev of Yachmarket: “When I first presented YANMAR engines in Russia in 2017, no one knew the brand. Now at NEVA-2021, we could hardly accommodate all the visitors who were lining up for information. We have created new interesting projects for equipping dry cargo, fishing and rescue vessels, which is a very successful market for us. For 5 years, more than 70 engines with a capacity of more than 1 MW have been sold.

Europort, 2-5 November, The Netherlands

Together with Nicoverken, service partner for over 40 years.

Erik van Krugten, Director/Owner of Nicoverken: ”For the first time we exhibited on a joint stand together with YANMAR. This combined effort emphasizes YANMAR’s commitment to the market and underlines the reliability and quality of the engines.”

Nor-Shipping, 10-13 January, Norway

Eric Tigelaar, Marine Department Manager of YANMAR Europe: “Nor-Shipping will complete our six-month expo tour full of positive, good talks and business development. The marine commercial world is a world of relationships and close co-operation. It is all about the trust our customers put in us. We are there to confirm it.”

LandTageNord, 20-23 August 2021, Germany

Together with tractor dealer Bunjes Motorgeräte.

Managing Director of Bunjes Motorgeräte Fred Bunjes: “After a successful exhibition, we made plans together with YANMAR how we can grow in service, support and sales to our current and future customers. Interesting plans for the future that will add value in the region where our company operates.

Wassenberg Open Day, 16 September 2021, Germany

The annual event of Wassenberg GmbH.

Hans-Jürgen Wachten, Managing Director of Wassenberg: “The open house, where we showed YANMAR SA and YT tractors with ROPS and cabin, attracted 400 to 500 visitors. They were very interested in the new YT series, with Stage V emission level and the only municipal tractor under 50 hp in the market with an I - HMT (VARIO) transmission.”

VITeff, 12-15 October, France

Visitors showed a lot of interest in YANMAR’s YV01 vineyard spraying robot, launched of at this local vine-growing and wine-making exhibition. Follow-up demonstrations of this unique autonomous spraying robot have been scheduled.

Paysalia, 30 November – 2 December, France

The main focus was to strengthen our brand awareness in meeting new and existing customers in landscaping, gardening and golf course and sport ground maintenance. It was very good to meet people in person again.


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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