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Giving back to society

August 31, 2022
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Already 110 years, Yanmar has been providing many generations with innovative power and energy solutions that solve the societal issues of their time. Likewise, we have always felt the social responsibility to enrich people’s lives by giving something back to society and the community around us and supporting positive experiences and activities related to values we share, our Japanese roots, or the cities where we are located. Both at corporate level and locally.

That is why in June, for example, we joined two events in the Netherlands: the Japan Festival in Amstelveen and the Almere City Run in, yes… Almere.

Japan Festival

The Japan Festival is an annual event to strengthen the bond between the Japanese and Dutch communities, an initiative we wholeheartedly support and have long sponsored. This year we were in the ‘Cool Japan’ zone, a place for innovative technology, where we showed our latest YT 359 Vario tractor. Many kids and others interested grabbed their chance to sit in the cab at the wheel of the modern tractor with Japanese quality, comfort and style.

Almere City Run

Also for several years, Yanmar has been an active participant and sponsor of the annual Almere City Run, the city that welcomed us in 1989 and where we have conducted our business ever since. In addition to a number of highly motivated Yanmar company teams, we also have our name attached to one of the running tracks: the Yanmar 4-Mile Run.

On the last Sunday of June, we built a running community in our not-to-be-missed Yanmar hospitality tent in the heart of Almere with runners who were ready for action, and their enthusiastic supporters. The atmosphere was lively and breathed togetherness, energy, performance and fun. In fact, this little community truly mirrored the way we work and want to do business.

This spirit and a bunch of great runners gave us podium positions for two respectable colleagues. Rachel de Weerd (“Running makes you feel happy and healthy; the day was a real celebration for participating Yanmarians”) was the second woman who crossed the finish line of the 10 miles (16 km) and finished as the third woman in the 4-Mile run (6.4 km). As for the men, Michel van Liempdt (“Great atmosphere, can recommend it to all my colleagues”) came third in the 4 miles.


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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