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Nord-Fugløy vessel is powered by cost-effective Yanmar engine

October 31, 2023
Yanmar Europe B.V.

The Nord-Fugløy left the Larsnes Mek Verksted shipyard and begon sea trials with owner Camaro Fiskeriselskap AS. The vessel will be based in Nord-Lenangen in Tromsø and will operate along the Norwegian coast and in the Barents Sea. She is just over 50 metres long, 12 metres wide with combined RSW/live fish tanks and a freezer hold. Named after a local island, up to 14 crew will work on board.

What makes the vessel special ?

“She’s at the yard now, getting the finishing touches,” confirmed Kent-Arild Apneseth, the project manager at designer Skipskompetanse few weeks ago. “The brief from the owner was to optimise a vessel for the coastal fishery and implement a new way of operating Danish seine, hauling the net from the stern in a new way to increase efficiency and to be able to operate more securely in a larger weather window.”

Yanmar provides well proven, cost-effective engines

Motive power comes from a Yanmar 6EY26 which will be used in conjunction with a battery pack rated at around 1MWh. Apneseth explains, “Yanmar provides well proven, cost-effective engines widely used in Norwegian fishing vessels. In this application we chose a medium speed main engine, two-step gear with PTO/PTI connected to a variable speed shaft generator which can be used both for power production and as a standalone take-me home solution if necessary. This is coupled to a large propeller, which along with the gearing and engine type and size was selected based on the power architecture arising from a study of the vessel’s specified operations.”

Skipskompetanse’s well proven design

Looking forward, Apneseth observes, “As for now, there is no optional fuel giving the same range as diesel for the available storage volume. To avoid having to compromise between the storage of ‘greener’ fuels or cargo capacity, the option is to make sure the vessel is as efficient as possible. That means a hull which is shaped to perform at its best at relevant loading conditions, engine type and size which is suitable for the size and operational modes of the ship, and a propeller suitable for the waterflow around the hull. And by installing the battery pack for use as peak shaving, the number of running hours can be reduced.”


Yanmar Europe B.V., Marketing Dept.
Dana van Kammen

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