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Yanmar unveils new Common Rail 6GY135W Marine Engine (372 up to 599 KW / 1800 – 2100 rpm) – IMO TIER 3 Certified (Q3 2024) High-Speed 6 Cylinder Engine

July 10, 2024
Yanmar Europe B.V.

Almere, Netherlands - 10 July 2024 - YANMAR introduces its new marine engine, the Common Rail 6GY135W. This high-speed 6-cylinder engine offers power outputs ranging from 372 to 599 kW. It meets IMO Tier 2 and, soon, IMO Tier 3 certification standards, making it a top choice for marine propulsion with unparalleled efficiency, power, and reliability.


The Common Rail 6GY135W represents a significant leap forward in Yanmar’s marine propulsion technology. Designed with the latest engineering advancements and built to withstand the harshest marine environments, this engine promises exceptional performance for commercial and recreational vessels.


"The launch of the Common Rail 6GY135W marks a significant milestone for Yanmar and the marine industry as a whole," said Hero Bouwman, Sr. Area Manager at Yanmar Europe. "Yanmar has worked tirelessly to develop an engine that meets and exceeds our customers' expectations. The new Common Rail 6GY135W is a testament to Yanmar's commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability."


• Less Smoke, Noise, and Lower Emissions: The common rail system reduces black smoke levels by up to 80% compared to conventional models, making it an environmentally friendly, clean, low-emission engine. Additionally, the optimised multi-stage fuel injection pattern allows for low noise levels. Employing the ASSIGN combustion system significantly reduces emissions.
• Best-in-Class Fuel Efficiency: The common rail system's precise fuel injection control and the combustion chamber structure optimisation result in clean combustion characteristics and improved fuel efficiency across the entire load range. Fuel efficiency in the practical load range (load rate of 50% or more) has been notably enhanced.
• Improved Torque Performance: Yanmar has improved the low-speed torque by analysing real-time usage and operation patterns, resulting in stable high torque in middle and high-speed ranges for reliable work performance.
• Electronic Controlled Engine: The advanced electronic control system ensures optimal engine performance and management.
• Reliability and Durability: Enhanced by extra-stable lube oil consumption and long-life fuel valves at the tip of each injector. The engine maintains the same compactness and ease of maintenance as ever.
• Japanese Manufacturing Excellence: All Yanmar engines are produced and tested in our Japan factory facilities, guaranteeing Japan's perfection and build quality.


• Stable Cruising: Provides stable cruising with minimal speed reduction against sudden load changes, ensuring reliable performance.
• Environmental Friendliness: Reduced emissions and noise levels enhance environmental stewardship and compliance with stringent regulations.
• Cost Savings: Improved fuel efficiency and economical operation lower operating costs.
• Versatile Applications: The ability to match with a wide range of propellers ensures suitability for diverse marine vessels and applications.
• Reliability and Longevity: Stable performance and durable construction reduce downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring reliable engine operation.
• User-Friendly Design: Compactness and ease of maintenance simplify upkeep and servicing, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience for vessel operators.
• Wide Range Propeller Matching: Its versatile propeller matching capabilities suit various vessels, from passenger ships (super light/light/medium duty) to tugboats (heavy duty).
• Consistent Performance: Enjoy reliable and stable high torque across middle and high-speed ranges for dependable performance.


The Common Rail 6GY135W is designed for a wide range of marine vessels, including fishing boats, ferries, commercial vessels, and luxury yachts. It is immediately available through Yanmar’s extensive network of authorised dealers and distributors.


YANMAR Marine is a business unit of YANMAR Europe B.V. responsible for commercial marine engines (6 - 4,500 kW), customer service, and spare parts. YANMAR medium-speed and high-speed marine propulsion engines and gensets are used worldwide in commercial ships, ocean-going vessels, workboats, ferries, offshore support boats, luxury yachts, and more.

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