What are Sailing Competitions?

Sailboats catch the wind with their sails and convert it into propulsion to run on the surface of the water. Sailing is the process of relying solely on the forces of nature.
In recent years, energy supply has become a hot topic in many aspects of our daily lives, and renewable energy sources that have less impact on the global environment are attracting a great deal of attention. Sailing is a timeless nature-friendly sport that uses the wind as its power source, the elements such as wind, waves, and currents are captured with the finely honed senses of sailors.
Sailing competitions are sports in which competitors race to cross the finish line faster than anyone else. In addition to the athletic aspect of how to make the boat run as fast as possible, elements such as constantly anticipating changes in natural conditions and defining strategies are also essential. It needs both body and brain, one might say that this is the appeal of sail racing.

World Sailing Events

World Sailing, the international organization responsible for organizing races and administering the rules, is the headquarters of the world sailing community and oversees sailing organizations around the world. (The Japan Sailing Federation: JSAF in Japan). The America’s Cup is known as the world's prestige race, but sailing competition has all types of race formats, vessels, and courses. The Vendee Globe and the Olympics may be the pinnacle as well. As with other professional sports, there is an established pro-sailing business abroad that makes a living from racing.

WORLD SAILING International Sailing Federation. An international organization involved in organizing sail races and administering the rules.
AMERICA’S CUP This event is considered the pinnacle of the sailing race world, a one-on-one battle for the Cup between the defender and challenger. The next 37th America’s Cup will be held in Barcelona, Spain.
THE OCEAN RACE A full-crew round-the-world sailing race. The Whitbread Round the World Race has been renamed the Volvo Ocean Race starting with the next race season in 2022 to 2023.
VENDEE GLOBE A single-handed (single-seater) round-the-world race with no stops. In the previous 2020 to 2021 season, Kojiro Shiraishi from Japan became the first Asian to complete the race.
World Match Racing and Extreme Sailing Series are circuits for match racing (one-on-one) and high-performance boats, respectively, that travel around the world.
Grand Prix Racing Big boats such as the TP52 and FAST40 are racing for the annual circuit, which will travel around the world. Each team are crewed by the most talented professional sailors. In many cases, the owner is required to be a helmsman.
Open Yacht Race Many Sailing races are held by amateur sailors who enjoy sailing as a hobby throughout the world, ranging from unofficial races to those involving several hundred boats.

10 kinds of sailing games have been adopted for the Olympics Paris 2024 Game. Competitions are held using small dinghies (including kitesurfing) for one or two people. The training programs are set from boat types for youth to for top athletes to develop skills that will them to the Olympics

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