Host city Barcelona

First the Olympics, now the America's Cup, welcome to Barcelona

The 37th America's Cup will be held from August to October 2024 in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, known as the "Jewel in the Sun. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and an internationally renowned city of art, architecture, and vibrancy. The best contemporary art by renowned artists, including Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Picasso Museum, and the Joan Miró Museum, is on display everywhere. The Barcelona FC soccer team is based in one of the great "cathedrals" of modern soccer, the Camp Nou (seating approximately 99,000). For gourmets, Barcelona is a culinary treasure trove. With a number of Michelin-starred restaurants and a variety of cuisines from around the world, there is plenty to do outside of the race.

Barcelona is the first city in the world to host both the Olympics and the America's Cup. After the 2024 Olympics in Paris, the world's attention will immediately turn to Barcelona. The America's Cup is estimated to have an economic impact of 1 billion euros on the Barcelona area and 1 billion viewers around the world, making the F1 of the seas’ a very exciting event. The America's Cup in Barcelona will be the most exciting competition in its 174-year history.


Five countries challenge the champion, New Zealand

Although the America's Cup is contested for national prestige, it is essentially a battle between the yacht clubs to which the teams belong. The current America's Cup holders are Emirates Team New Zealand, representing Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron . The rules of the America's Cup are unique in that the cup holder automatically qualifies for the final match, but the five challenging nations are narrowed down to one in the "Challenger Selection Series," a qualifying competition, which will challenge New Zealand in the Finals.


A “Formula 1” machine that "flies" at 100 km/h in the sea

The AC75 boat is the pinnacle of foiling monohull yachts (overall length 20.7meters, mast height 26.5meters, and overall width approximately 4.9meters).
Foiling is when the yacht floats on the water due to the upward lift generated by the wing-like arms of an airplane in the water. Unlike catamarans, monohulls are sailboats with a single hull.
The AC75, developed for the 36th America's Cup, is a technological breakthrough compared to ordinary yachts, which is why the America's Cup is called the "Formula 1 of the seas”. The AC75 is equipped with technology that creates the power to lift it out of the water and propel it at speeds several times faster than the yacht's wind speed.

Partnering with Formula 1 race teams and aircraft companies for cutting-edge technology

The 37th America's Cup will see the second generation of the AC75, with larger foils for more speed and greater lift. The boats are lighter, and the onboard electronics and software systems are significantly upgraded. The teams' competition for such cutting-edge technology can be seen in their recent partnerships with airlines and Formula 1 teams. American Magic is working with Airbus, Alinghi of Switzerland with the Red Bull F1 team, and INEOS UK of England with the Mercedes F1 team.
In the latest AC75, the number of AC75 crew members has been reduced from 11 to 8 to save weight. Also, to keep costs down, each team can build only one AC75.

With winds expected to average 12 knots at the end of the summer in Barcelona, each boat will "fly" at speeds reaching 50 knots.
The AC40, on the other hand, is the yacht used for the Youth America's Cup and Puig Women's America's Cup events, as well as the training vessel for the main teams competing in the 37th America's Cup. This one is smaller, with seating for four, but has performed phenomenally since its launch in September 2022.


From the series to the main competition to determine the challenging boats

The 37th America's Cup will host a number of events before reaching the final match race in October 2024. The Preliminary Regatta serves as a prelude to the Challenger Selection Series. The best female athletes and youth athletes from around the world will compete in the Youth America's Cup and Puig America's Cup events, paving the way for the future of the America's Cup.

Preliminary Regatta

The Preliminaries Regatta will consist of three races. The first two races will be held in Villanova i la Geltru, Spain and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, using AC40 boats, and the last one will be held in Barcelona, Spain, using 75 AC boats. This series is a warm-up prelude and has no direct points or other connection to the Challenger Selection Series.

Challenger Selection Series

September 2024
France, Italy, Switzerland, UK vs USA
The Challenger Selection Series will determine the team that will face defender Emirates Team New Zealand in the 37th America's Cup Match. It will consist of a Round-Robin tournament and a final stage. The Round-Robin tournament will consist of single or double rounds, depending on the number of competitors playing and the duration of the competition.
The competition consists of three round-trips between the downwind and upwind marks set up within a 3.5 x 1.5 km competition area. The top two teams will advance to the final stage. The winning team will be the first challenger to earn at least 7 points in the final stage.

America's Cup Match

Starts on October 12, 2024
The America's Cup is a race where there is no second place. Win or lose, it is an intense and exciting race that has remained unchanged for over 170 years.
In October 2024, defender Emirates Team New Zealand will compete in a 13-race match race against the winner of the Challenger Selection Series. Each race will be a match race between two teams. The winning team of each race will receive one point and the loser will receive no points. The first team to earn 7 points will be the winner and defender of the 38th America's Cup.


37th schedule

The official opening ceremony of the 37th America's Cup will be held in Barcelona on August 22, 2024. This will be followed by a series of qualifying events and Challenger Selection Series, with the America's Cup Match beginning on October 12, 2024. by June 2023, all teams will establish a base and train in Barcelona.


Sep 14-17
Preliminary Regatta
Vilanova i La Geltru, Spain
Nov 29-
Dec 2
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Aug 22-25
Preliminary Regatta Barcelona
Aug 29-
Oct 5
Louis Vuitton Cup
(Challenger Selection Series)

Sep 17-26
Youth America’s Cup
Oct 5-13
Puig Women’s America’s Cup
Oct 12-21
America’s Cup Match