285 engines for life-saving pumps in Algeria

At the end of 2019, a large order for 285 YANMAR engines was shipped to Alphas Pompes, one of YANMAR’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Algeria. The engines were installed in water pumps for Civil Protection to pump out water due to flooding.

Life-saving pumps

YANMAR is very active in the African market with a dedicated network of distributors and OEM partners. The application in which the engines are used is very important for Algeria, where quite severe flooding occurs, all year round. The floods take a toll on human lives every year and are a serious disruption of public life. The engines are used to power pumps that help alleviate the effects of such floods and save lives.

YANMAR 3TNV70-AVG engines

The YANMAR 3TNV70-AVG belongs to the range of YANMAR TNV water cooled engines. TNV series complies with strict EU Stage V emission regulations while also satisfying customer demands such as high performance, low fuel consumption, and work efficiency.

Read more about the YANMAR 3TNV70 engine or discover the entire TNV engine family in the TNV brochure.

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