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Yanmar Machines Outperform the Competition with Top Ratings

July 12, 2021
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

Eberhard Bauunternehmen puts various compact crawler excavators through their paces – Yanmar rises to the top.

The machines from Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA (Yanmar) are impressive through and through – and held up admirably when put to the test in a comprehensive performance comparison. One year ago, Eberhard Bau AG (Eberhard) decided to replace older machines with the latest state-of-the-art crawler excavators. Tougher and more environmentally friendly construction equipment will be used on the most demanding construction sites all over Switzerland. To this end, the company performed testing on compact machines from various manufacturers. The result: Yanmar came out on top with its performance, quality and first-class service.

Eberhard has specialised in foundation building, demolition, renovation of contaminated sites and construction material recycling for over 65 years, so it goes without saying that the equipment used by Eberhard must perform well in all of these areas of application. For its search, Eberhard first evaluated machines based on various parameters, such as dimensions and engine power, in order to narrow it down to a few select machines well-suited for use in demolition, foundation building and building construction. The construction company invited the four manufacturers who best met the specified criteria to the company gravel plant. Specialists on-site evaluated the machines' performance, flexibility and fittings in a two-day testing procedure. During this process, Yanmar dealer RUBAG Rollmaterial und Baumaschinen AG (RUBAG) represented Yanmar with the SV100 and ViO57 crawler excavators.

Testing Procedure

On Day 1, Eberhard machine operators tested the suitability of each machine for practical use. The test criteria for this comprised operating element configuration, the driver’s seat, comfort, space, output and power, lifting power, tearing power, drivability, swivelling, quality, workmanship, machine design, hydraulics, piping, assemblies, maintenance and accessibility for daily maintenance. Experts used questionnaires to assess the various criteria and assigned ratings from 1 to 6.

In the first test, the machine operators parked the excavators side-by-side and determined which excavator had the greatest side working radius based on its ability to move a piece of concrete. Machines were also driven up steep slopes to test the vehicle’s power and grading work was performed. Performance on the various tasks allowed the experts to assess if the machines were up to the job of meeting Eberhard’s exacting demands.

On Day 2, the workshop personnel checked the machines for ease of maintenance. Specifically, this involved the placement and materials of the tubing systems, the accessibility of the service components, the ability to switch out the hydraulic pumps, the complexity of the electronics system and the configuration of the hydraulics components. Here too, test results were gathered and evaluated by filling out questionnaires.

Yanmar Triumphs

Yanmar received the best ratings overall. The construction, high durability and ease of operation of the SV100 and ViO57 crawler excavators won everyone over. Beyond that, the SV100 earned special recognition for its power and responsive operation, good grading performance, precision controller and strong swivel engine. Its highly sensitive hydraulic system, compactness, narrow and zippy design and high level of driving comfort set the ViO57-6B apart from the rest.

“We were impressed with the high performance and ease of use of the Yanmar machines”, explains Silvan Eberhard, Director of Logistics at Eberhard Bauunternehmung.

Following the selection process, Eberhard acquired a total of ten compact crawler excavators – two SV100-2PB with articulated arm, five ViO57-6B and three ViO38-6B – as well as various optional attachments and numerous replacement parts for the company workshop at RUBAG.

Ready for Anything

Yanmar dealer RUBAG also fit the machines with additional components as required to allow for even more flexibility of use: A lift and rotation limiter makes it possible to work even in the tightest of spaces and quick releases enable the quick and easy exchange of attachments. This allows the machines to perform a wide variety of tasks on the construction sites. To increase environmental friendliness, the machines utilise biodegradable oil (Panolin HLP Synth. 46) and diesel particle filters as well as Euro 5 engines, air conditioners and additional lighting.

All of the SV100-2PB machines were further outfitted with a micro filter system (Kleenoil filter), an additional rear counterweight, asymmetrical rubber tracks for better side gripping and the QO60-5 OilQuick system.

The ViO57-6B equipment received additional Pister multi-coupling systems (manual quick-coupling system), a parallel connection for grab operation in conjunction with POWERTILT, an additional rear counterweight, a hydraulic quick release HUM10 with Powertilt as well as 3 deep trenching and 1 grading buckets.

The ViO57-6B equipment received additional Pister multi-coupling systems, a parallel connection for grab operation in conjunction with POWERTILT, an additional rear counterweight, a hydraulic quick release HUM10 with Powertilt as well as 3 deep trenching and 1 grading buckets.

“Our customer’s needs always take centre stage for us. We customised the machines for Eberhard to fit right in with what they needed. They are fully equipped, making them optimally tailored to the company’s requirements”, says Nicolas Sameli from the executive board of RUBAG Rollmaterial und Baumaschinen AG.

Top-Notch Expertise

Yanmar has been paving the way for the development of compact construction equipment for over 50 years. Innovative ideas have been the lifeblood of Yanmar for a long time now and the Company is constantly striving to offer true added value in the areas of performance, ergonomics and quality. With extensive experience on its side, Yanmar has embarked on an ongoing quest to develop innovations and optimise existing products. This has helped the Company to solidify its position as a leading manufacturer in the compact machinery segment.

Today, Yanmar offers a product selection consisting of a total of 35 models ready to meet the requirements of numerous areas of application: Construction, landscape architecture, earth-moving, pipe laying, demolition and foundation construction.

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