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FME recommends Yanmar SV15VT for industrial building work

July 29, 2022
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

When it came to investing in a compact mini-excavator, Frank Marshall Estates purchased a Yanmar SV15VT from local dealer MTS Plant. With 200 hours already on the clock and the excavator not missing a beat, the team have been hugely impressed with its power, performance and reliability.

Founded in 1926, Frank Marshall Estates (FME) is one of West Yorkshire’s largest privately-owned commercial landlords and property developers. The family-owned company operates sites across Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Keighley, but also as far away as Glasgow and Lincolnshire.

Specialising in industrial buildings, FME is committed to providing modern, well-equipped properties for businesses of all shapes and sizes, at a full range of rents, to exceed tenant expectations. As demand continues to grow, the company has invested heavily into developing ‘nano’ parks – state-of-the-art developments comprising compact commercial units tailored to smaller, more flexible businesses.

The company’s first site in Newhall comprises seven units – each featuring a 900 sq.ft. ground floor warehouse, alongside a first floor office space. Providing easy access to the M62, they’re in an enviable location and offer excellent facilities at a cost-effective price point.

With demand high, land has been acquired in Gildersome and Huddersfield, with planning granted in Skipton and three completed sites in Wakefield, Bradford, and Leeds. FME intends to create more of these developments over the coming years, capitalising on the growing trend for flexible, compact commercial space. However, with a busy development plan in place, having the right solutions in place to maximise productivity, streamline efficiencies and minimise delays is simply non-negotiable.

Supporting continued growth

Once the nano units have been erected, a groundwork team is brought in to undertake drainage and utilities work – both inside and outside. Plant equipment is typically rented on an ad-hoc basis, which keeps costs down but sometimes results in delays and operator unfamiliarity regarding different models.

To streamline the process, Chris Balme, construction director, made the decision to purchase a mini-excavator of their own. It was important for the chosen model to deliver impressive lifting and digging ability, but also boast compact dimensions and be easily transportable between sites.

Chris commented: “As the name suggests, space in our nano developments comes at a premium. Getting an excavator into the corners of the units can be intricate work, while the first floor means you need a machine compact enough so that the boom doesn’t damage the ceiling when extended.

“With a good working relationship with the team at MTS Plant, we’d previously hired Yanmar excavators, but knew we’d be relying more and more on compact equipment as our nano park portfolio continued to grow, so enquired about purchasing our own model.

“After speaking with the MTS team about the latest Yanmar range, the all-new SV15VT seemed to tick all the boxes. Promising class-leading performance and adopting state-of-the-art operator technologies, it seemed ideal for tight urban jobsites. We went for the cabbed version, which achieves ROPS, TOPS and FOPS certification, as well as benefitting from 360° visibility and powerful LED work lights as standard. What’s more, it means that our team can operate it safely and comfortably – whatever the weather.

Since taking delivery of the new model, Chris and the FME team have been hugely impressed with its power, performance and reliability. He continued: “When it comes to mini excavators, there normally isn’t much to choose between – regardless of the manufacturer, they pretty much do what they say on the tin and it all comes down to price or availability.

“With our SV15VT, however, that’s not the case. Of course, it does everything that you’d expect, but it also does what you don’t. Its double gear pump hydraulic system delivers a flow of 28 l/min at a maximum 205 bar pressure, achieving a digging force of 7.4kN (short arm) and 12.9kN (bucket), while also coming with a standard auxiliary hydraulic line to power breakers or augers. In essence, it’s compact and lightweight, but delivers the performance of a much larger model – making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

“With a Stage V-compliant 3-cylinder indirect injection engine, it’s also quiet, efficient and offers very low fuel consumption. A unique track frame layout, featuring three bottom rollers and a variable undercarriage, offers comfort for the operator and means the machine can squeeze into tight spaces.

“Most importantly, it’s easy to maintain and is hugely reliable. We’ve just ticked over 200 hours and it simply hasn’t missed a beat – of course, for a rental machine being used for eight hours a day, this doesn’t seem particularly impressive, but we only use it when we need to. It sits in the shed when we don’t and kicks into life with no issues when we turn the key. That’s exactly what we need, complete reliability and the assurance that projects won’t be delayed by equipment downtime.

“Another big positive is its transportability. With a travel weight of just 1,555kg and four tie-down points on the track frames, it can be easily towed between work sites, along with buckets and a light work tool, on a standard 2.5 ton GVW trailer. I can easily pull it with my Isuzu pickup truck – it really is that simple.

“All in all, we’re really impressed with the SV15VT– for a mini-excavator, it’s packed full of clever tech and performs in a class above its competitors. I’d absolutely recommend it to other operators; a hassle-free solution that won’t let you down.”

Matthew Watson, Director at MTS Plant, commented: “We’re glad that the FME team is already benefitting from investing in a Yanmar excavator. The SV15VT is an impressive model, setting the standards in performance and flexibility. We’re confident that it will continue to exceed expectations for years to come and prove game-changing as the company continues to roll-out its programme of innovative nano parks.

“If you’re looking to invest in a new mini excavator, we’d recommend testing the SV15VT. We’re confident that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to buy it!”

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