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Small machines, big capability: Yanmar CE launches its smallest ever wheel loaders

September 14, 2023
Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA

A new articulation/oscillation joint on Yanmar Compact Equipment’s all-new V7 and V7-HW (Heavy Weight) wheel loaders keeps total machine height under 2.5m – making them perfect for easy transportation.

Yanmar Compact Equipment (Yanmar CE) is expanding its wheeled loader portfolio with the launch of a brand-new pair of mini yet mighty machines: add drumroll and welcome the V7 and V7-HW (Heavy Weight). This dynamic duo are the smallest wheeled loaders in Yanmar CE’s product range, and are especially designed to keep ahead of the fast-paced, tough demands of construction, landscaping and rental applications.

Customers remain at the heart of the Yanmar CE’s brand, from its ‘Building with You’ slogan to the recent launch of its new operator-dedicated app. Armed with feedback about the high-intensity nature of the construction and landscaping sectors – where hardworking operators have little time to spare between projects – Yanmar CE was inspired to build the perfect solution. The company has created a wheeled loader that would make life easier for operators in every way possible – starting with manoeuvrability. With a total height less than 2.5m, a width of 1,850mm (with bucket) and an overall length of just 5,238 mm, the V7/V7-HW can easily fit inside a standard container - a transport friendliness that keeps under the 4m height limit dictated by the EU’s Weights and dimensions' Directive of 1996.

The all-wheel drive V7/V7-HW both have an electronically controlled drivetrain, and a top speed of 20km per hour; with 30km/h max speed is available as an option. Customers can further customize their machines by choosing between a premium range of tyre brands and sizes, making the V7/V7-HW perfectly suited to any application, no matter how tough the terrain.

Combined articulation/oscillation joint lowers transport height

Unlike other models in the Yanmar CE range, the new V7/V7-HW are also unique in that they do away with exterior oscillation and instead feature a clever joint that combines articulation with oscillation, enabling the height of the machine to be lowered. The units are also a useful half-tonne lighter than the next largest machines in the Yanmar CE range (weighing 4,250kg and 4,450 kg, respectively), making these light-footed and nimble workers ideal for customers landscaping on soft surfaces. Using a new platform that can support both diesel and electric power trains, they fill a gap at the smaller end of the company’s compact wheel loader range.

Whether transporting materials, rehandling loading, lifting pallets, clearing or laying pipes – all can be tackled with a single V7/V7-HW, thanks to a hydraulic quick hitch that enables the operator to seamlessly swap between buckets, forks, sweepers, snow blowers to name but a few. The versatility of the units is paired with a mechanically controlled joystick for precise operation of lift and tilt cylinders, and super responsive tools with a 63 lpm 250 bar pressure pump. The V7/V7-HW have a bucket capacity of 0.7m3 and 0.8m3, respectively, and the V7-HW has a higher payload on forks (1,900kg) compared to the V7 (1,750kg). The V7 has a maximum tipping load of 3,000kg, while the V7-HW can tip 3,250 kg. Heavyweight tasks are no match for these lightweight and light-footed machines.

Enhanced ergonomics

For maximum operator comfort and safety, the V7/V7-HW feature an all-new cabin, with two robust steel framed doors, compared to the more usual one door configuration, helping access, airflow and interior cleaning. Large, glazed areas afford a good all-round view – helped by a 3.5-inch operator display fitted on the A-post, rather than on the steering column, improving the view of the front attachment. For warmer climates, operators can feel assured that canopy variants of both machines are also available.
Rear visibility is particularly good, thanks to the engine hood design and absence of a vertical exhaust pipe. (The exhaust is incorporated into the counterweight – beneficial on the canopy variants, where operators are not exposed to nearby exhaust gases as they would with a normal vertical exhaust pipe.) Large mirrors and powerful work lights further aid safety and visibility, day or night. Roof mounted glazing, meanwhile, helps make operators’ lives easier when dumping from height. Controls fall easily to hand and ergonomics have been a priority in the design of the V7.

And acting as the “’Premium Red’ cherry on top, operators need not be concerned about downtime either; thanks to the V7/V7-HW being fitted with a Yanmar 4TNV86CT four-cylinder turbocharged diesel. The engine is not only low emission, but also offers no scheduled maintenance on its DPF for an incredible 6,000 hours. It caters perfectly to the long hours of those working in the construction and landscaping sectors.

The V7 and V7-HW are manufactured at Yanmar CE’s facility at Crailsheim in Central Southern Germany, and aimed at mainland Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

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