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Yanmar Announces Full-scale Deployment of Construction Equipment Sharing Platform in Turkey

March 25, 2019
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Izmir,Turkey (March25,2019)- Following successful test operations of Yanmar’s MakinaGetir construction equipment sharing platform in Turkey’s Izmir region in 2018, the company will expand service delivery towards full-scale deployment of an integrated platform throughout Turkey in FY2019.

The centennial of the founding of the modern state of Turkey is set to be celebrated in 2023 and the country is host to range of large scale infrastructure, energy and transportation projects that are intended to contribute to its 2023 vision. Along with increased sales of construction equipment, the rental market is slated for significant growth, with customer needs also expected to diversify. While equipment owners are struggling with the challenges of machinery management to optimize the use of equipment, renters are looking to realize cost savings, and the efficient utilization of under-employed or idle machinery is a pressing issue in Turkey’s construction industry.

“With so many construction projects either planned or already under way, there is a need to realize as much efficiency as possible from Turkey’s construction sector,“ said Mustafa Kemal ERDOĞAN, Executive Manager, Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. Turkey Representative Office. “With the introduction of this service under the management of Yanmar Turkey Makina A.Ş, Yanmar will help both owners and users get the most out of existing equipment, creating new business opportunities and value for both equipment owners and users alike.”

With long involvement in the construction equipment domain through companies in Japan and Europe engaged in the manufacture and sales of construction equipment, Yanmar launched its sharing platform in the Izmir region of Turkey in June of 2018. Tapping into healthy demand in Turkey’s dynamic construction equipment sector, more than 2,600 units of construction equipment have been registered to the platform in Izmir and surrounds.

Through this early introduction of the sharing platform in Turkey’s emerging economy, Yanmar is promoting efficient use of the country’s construction equipment and exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering new value. Having established its credentials in this new business model, Yanmar aims to deploy the rental business to applicable businesses and markets where market characteristics are amenable.

The MakinaGetir platform will also be featured at the Marble Izmir Fair in Turkey, held over March 27 to 30.

Construction Equipment Sharing Platform

Service name: MakinaGetir
Commencement of operation: Service expansion from April 1st, 2019
Area of operation: Turkey
Main features:
• Meeting Construction Equipment Needs
MakinaGetir is an online platform that matches construction equipment machinery owners with user. Users can use the simple interface to select from more than 2,600 types of registered construction equipment, allowing them to rent the machinery they need, when they need it and contributing to cost reductions.

• Supporting Efficient Use of Machinery
One of the merits of the system for owners of machinery, is that just by registering their equipment on MakinaGetir, they make themselves available to be easily contacted online by new customers, a process that up to now has presented significant hurdles in traditional business models. Machinery utilization is increased and idle assets can be put to work.

Rental Procedure

For renters
① Search MakinaGetir online for the required machinery
② Compare machinery before selecting
③ Receive expert advice if required
④ Arrange the booking, payment and delivery online through a simple interface

For owners
① Register your construction equipment
② Optional consultation about the machinery
③ Set a price
④ Claim the rental fee through the system

Marble Izmir Fair

Yanmar will be exhibiting at the Marble Izmir Fair at Izmir, Turkey over March 27 to 30. The fair is one of the most important events in the natural stone sector and showcases natural stone resources and technologies. MakinaGetir will spark interest in its offering with a booth modeled on a construction site featuring actual construction equipment from Yanmar and cooperating companies.
Marble İzmir Fair:

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