is the starting point for Yanmar,
a company that nurtures people and builds for the future.

A new beginning, a new generation, with new possibilities​.
We nurture young talent to create an unprecedented level of wonder and joy in the world.​

Exploring new boundaries and shape the future into a stimulating environment for everyone.
HANASAKA is where we put our values on, one that nurtures people and builds for the future.
Those who take on challenges. Those who think about the future of society. Those with the potential to inspire through sports and arts.
We always support the enthusiasm, regardless of their background.
To pass the baton of hope from one generation to the next. For a better tomorrow.
This is the foundation of our sustainability, with every person being a ’seed’ for creating the future.

Our purpose at Yanmar is to create “A Sustainable Future” by realizing the following four kinds of social abundance.

An Energy-Saving Society, a society where people can work and live with peace of mind, a society where people can enjoy safe and plentiful food and a society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

YANMAR TOKYO, where many people gather from all over Japan, is one of the bases for spreading the movement of HANASAKA and communicating the joy of continuing to take on challenges through efforts to reduce environmental impact and the creation of an attractive food culture.


Through videos and exhibits, visitors can get a sense of the people who embody HANASAKA and their activities.


Creating an opportunity to think about the future possibilities of rice with the aim of creating a sustainable society, this is a gallery filled with experiences and discoveries where we experience, learn, and think about the allure of rice so that we can continue to enjoy delicious rice.


Where food flourishes with new possibilities

A commercial complex based on the concept of “delicious food terminal.” It connects food lovers—including producers, chefs, and consumers—and serves as a place where information and seasonal food ingredients from all over Japan are gathered, providing appetizing food experiences. This is a place where food flourishes with new possibilities.