Yanmar Celebrates Production of its One Millionth Gas Heat Pump Air Conditioner

January 20, 2012
Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.

In January of 2012, Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd. produces its one millionth gas heat pump air conditioner.
Yanmar announced its full-fledged entry into the gas air conditioning market in 1987 with the Y4GPA model. Since then, as a pioneer in the field of total system gas air conditioning, Yanmar has collaborated with three major city gas companies in Japan to develop markets and refine its products.
Yanmar Energy System was established as a subsidiary of the Energy System Division in April, 2004 and has cooperated with its partner gas companies to develop gas heat pump air conditioners, which greatly reduce electricity consumption over their electric-only counterparts, as well as micro-cogeneration systems and the like, bringing energy efficient products to market.

On the occasion of reaching the milestone of our millionth gas heat pump air conditioner, Yanmar will continue to listen closely to our customers, using their feedback to develop products and solutions to meet their needs.

1. Industry leading efficiency in the gas heat pump air conditioner GHP XAIR series:

gas heat pump air conditioner GHP XAIR serie

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