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Yanmar Logistics Service Co., Ltd. Awarded for Eco Modal Shift

March 7, 2012
Yanmar Logistics Service Co., Ltd.

 Yanmar Logistics Service Co., Ltd. was awarded for environmentally sustainable cargo forwarding by Green Logistics Partnership Association, a Japan-based organization that promotes collaboration among distribution enterprises and active reduction of carbon emissions during transportation.

 Owing to sustained activities aimed at reducing environmental impact, Yanmar Logistics Service committed to railroad transportation a portion of its agricultural machinery cargo previously carried by trucks.

 Ever since its establishment in 2001, Yanmar Logistics Service has been involved in a wide array of operations from domestic transportation and export of Yanmar-made products, to storage, administration and delivery of parts used to efficiently service our products.

1. Award Outline:

1-1. Operations start:

   October 2010

1-2. Emission reduction:

   efficient shift from truck to railroad transportation permitted a reduction of 1/7* in emissions during cargo transportation
(*Compared to same cargo transported in a 31 foot container by truck. Reduction amount may vary with the quantity of freight).

2. Reference Data:

Yanmar Logistics Service Co., Ltd,
Established: September 2001
Location: Umeda Gate Tower, 1-9, Tsurunocho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Capital: 70 million yen
Status: wholly-owned subsidiary of Yanmar Co., Ltd.
President: Masatoshi Nakata
Employees: 157 (as of June 2011)
Net Sales: 8.68 billion yen (fiscal 2010)

3. Inquiries:

Public Relations Group,
General Affairs Dept., Yanmar Co., Ltd.