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Meeting Customer Challenges in Food Production and Harnessing Power

March 22, 2012
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

A message from Takehito Yamaoka, President of Yanmar Co., Ltd.

 On March the 22nd 2012, Yanmar celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding.


 That we have come this far is thanks to the support and patronage of our customers, partners, financial institutions and all those who have stood by us over the years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 To those who came before us, who took up gauntlet of the steadfast conviction and fierce entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Magokichi Yamaoka, overcoming obstacles and braving dangers to build the company we have today, and to all the staff we serve beside today, I wish to express my deepest gratitude.

 As we look forward, poised to take our first steps into the next 100 years of business, we must continue to face the challenge of delivering value in different markets around the world, pursuing solutions to customer's demands in a diverse range of areas. We must strive to seek out solutions that create new value for customers in food production and harnessing power, areas crucial to life.


 I want us, the Yanmar Group, to take our next steps together with you all, growing and flourishing into our next century of history. I would like to ask for your continuous support in the years to come.



Please refer to the special contents section of the Yanmar 100th Anniversary Website below to see our new Mission Statement, which describes our business orientation, and the History of Yanmar.

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Public Relations Group,
General Affairs Dept., Yanmar Co., Ltd.