The Yanmar Group to Establish a Holding Company

January 17, 2013
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

As per the proceedings of the Board of Directors' Meeting of November 27, 2012, Yanmar Co., Ltd. will transform to a holding company structure from April 1, 2013, the final form of which is to be decided by late February, 2013.

1. Background to the Establishment of a Holding Company:

Yanmar's 100th anniversary in March 2012 found the company in a rapidly changing business environment. Looking towards the next 100 years of business, and with a view to ensuring dramatic and widespread growth, we will transform to a structure that strengthens the competitiveness of our core businesses and facilitates ever more sophisticated global management.

2. Outline and Direction of the New Group Structure:

A holding company called Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. is to be established through a share transfer, with business unit companies that represent the core businesses of Yanmar: industrial engines, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, energy systems and others, arrayed beneath it.

These measures will allow the companies of the Yanmar Group to more finely perceive their customer's needs, and, through more flexible and agile management, deliver solutions to customer problems, furthering business growth and raising corporate value.

3. Effective Date:

The final form of the holding company is to be decided by late February 2013, with the changes coming into effect from April 1, 2013.

4. Holding Company Profile:

  1. Company name: Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

  2. Established: April 1, 2013

  3. Functions: Create Group strategy and ensure optimum deployment of Group management resources. With responsibility for the overall management of the Group, establish departments in charge of corporate strategy, finance and accounting, human resources, auditing etc.

  4. Address of headquarters:Umeda Gate Tower, 1-9, Tsurunocho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

  5. President: Takehito Yamaoka

  6. Capital: ¥90,000,000

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5. Inquiries:

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