March 27, 2013
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

-Aiming to become a trillion yen enterprise: A brand new challenge on the land, at sea and in the city-


Yanmar celebrated one hundred years of operations in March 2012, and is now stepping into the next century of business.

Aiming to reach 70 billion yen in Net Sales by 2015 and further taking on the challenge to become a trillion yen enterprise, Yanmar is deploying a new strategy towards greater growth.

The 3 pillars of our transformation are as follows:

1. Enhance "Solutioneering" activities

Make best use of our technological strengths and know-how to become the kind of enterprise that exceeds customers' expectations.

2. Focus on priority markets outside Japan

Leverage managerial resources in the agricultural and construction machinery markets of Asia, Europe and North America, while also prioritizing the marine markets in Europe and North America, to further promote Yanmar as a global enterprise.

3. Expand towards new businesses

Expand towards new businesses in the major fields of Food Production and Harnessing Power, part of our Corporate Mission.

Fundament to these undertakings is the creation of a more uniform Group-wide brand image, and in this regard we have started the YANMAR PREMIUM BRAND PROJECT to strategically and accurately communicate to a global audience Yanmar's essential value.

These substantial activities will receive the assistance of the world-renowned Kashiwa Sato and Ken Okuyama.

Kashiwa Sato will oversee communication, while Ken Okuyama will take charge of product design in his role as Director of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.. Further building on its strengths, Yanmar advances boldly into the future towards redefining itself in a global context.


With social and economic trends undergoing dramatic changes in recent years, there is an increasing awareness of the safety and quality of food, environmental preservation and the usage of alternative energy resources. Another significant trend in our society is the pursuit of an enhanced and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. As a global enterprise operating in the core fields of Food Production and Harnessing Power, Yanmar is now on the way to redefining itself and its role in this challenging global context.

With businesses covering a wide spectrum on land, at sea and in the city, Yanmar continues to support the lives of people the world over, using its efficient technologies and innovative business solutions.

We aim to become an enterprise that continues to provide enhanced solutions that maximize lifecycle value for the customer and industry at large. Pursuing the premium fields of business of the next generation, Yanmar is advancing into its next century in close partnership with our customers, striving to create a brighter future for all.

Major Project Undertakings:

Create a uniform brand image

With the assistance of Creative Director Kashiwa Sato, we aim to refine our overall communication channels.


Improve product design and development capabilities

With Ken Okuyama stepping into the role of Director, we aim to refine the design of all our products and promote them in a dynamic fashion.


Raise awareness towards the Yanmar brand and increase number of loyal customers

With world-renowned Naoki Takizawa at the helm, we will start a special project to create fashionable and highly functional wear for agricultural and marine applications.

Hold "Premium Marche" events in Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and Bangkok to bring together farmers and consumers. Show special TV programs on the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation network in Japan that present leading farmers and premium vegetables, and aim to promote new lifestyles in agriculture. Create a new type of agriculture in Japan and on to other Asian countries as well.

Support the Manchester United Asian Tour 2013 by organizing the Yanmar Premium Cup on July 26, 2013, in our capacity as an Official Global Partner of the club. In addition, on July 25, 2013 conduct a special event with products and premium wear, with the participation of Manchester United players.

Support Oracle Team USA at the next AMERICA’S CUP scheduled to take place in San Francisco in September 2013, as an Official Technical Partner.


In Japan and around the world, see us astonish and delight like never before.
Look out for the new Yanmar, off and running to the Premium Field.

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Public Relations Group,
General Affairs Dept., Yanmar Co., Ltd.