Yanmar to Enter Partnership with Sorimachi for Improved Agricultural Business Solutions

July 9, 2013
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar and Sorimachi Co., Ltd. have announced entering a partnership for the provision of enhanced agricultural business solutions.

Producer of software for agricultural machinery and leader of the Japanese market for agricultural software users, Sorimachi will provide its cloud service, “Facefarm Production Records” (Note: provisional naming). Combined with Yanmar’s “SmartAssist Remote”, a system that allows real-time acquisition of information regarding product operation and condition, this is expected to significantly increase efficiency and visualization of agricultural management, with positive results on customer business.

1. Yanmar: “SmartAssist Remote”

“SmartAssist Remote” allows real-time acquisition of data regarding product location, operation and condition to optimize efficiency. Data is transmitted to remote management centers for detailed analysis and provision of improved operation proposals to the customer and to minimize downtime:

Among the system’s features:

Operations improvement support:
The customer has the ability to directly add information and comments on the type of work carried out to the operational data automatically collected from the equipment, creating a kind of "work diary". By accurately determining the condition of the equipment and the details of the work carried out, later agricultural work and processes can be improved.
Theft prevention:
The customer can set the times and places where they usually work into the GPS function of the electronic control system. If the machinery is operated outside of these designated ranges, the customer is notified reducing the risk of loss from theft.

Note: For details on SmartAssist, please refer to this previous news release:

2. Sorimachi: “Facefarm Production Records”

By using cloud networking, Facefarm allows for daily input of data regarding agricultural operations in personal computers, tablets and smartphones, facilitating data retrieval and analysis on field productivity and proposals for the following years. In addition, connecting with the Google Map application makes possible entering data regarding own paddy or field.

3. Enhanced Business Solutions

By combining the product condition monitoring features of the SmartAssist, with the production records features of Facefarm, the customer gains improved visualization and analysis of agricultural operations. Automatic registration of daily data considerably diminishes customer load, while at the same time constituting a reliable data source for users and manufactures alike.

Pursuing even higher levels of visualization of both operation productivity and management, the two companies will continue to deliver solutions for cost reductions and production leveling on customer side, along with proposals for the enhancement of management, in an efficient and easy-to-use manner.

Yanmar and Sorimachi determined to change the face of agriculture!

4. Service Start

Yanmar introduced the SmartAssist in Japan on July 1, and will actively promote Facefarm to its customers. Facefarm is available for an annual user charge of 31,500 Japanese yen, with 21,000 yen for SmartAssist users, and free of charge for Sorimachi club members.


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