Yanmar Becomes the World's First Maker to Be Certified by FOEN for Engines in the 19~37kW Class

July 16, 2013
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar has become the first manufacturer in the world to be certified for engines in the 19~37kW class under the Ordinance on Air Pollution Control (OAPC), the world’s strictest regulations on diesel engines. In addition, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has added a complete list of Yanmar’s certified engines to its website, together with the recognition of Yanmar’s outstanding technologies in pursuit of this certification, which is notoriously difficult to achieve in the 19~37kw range.

In recent years, increasing environmental awareness has resulted in tighter worldwide regulations on emissions from internal combustion engines. With controls on non-road diesel engines under 56kW in effect as of 2013 in Japan, Europe and North America, Yanmar has acquired certification for its engines and continues green production at our Biwa Plant in Japan.

An active promoter of environmental protection, Switzerland requires diesel engines to comply with the latest emission regulations on construction machinery utilized domestically, together with OAPC emission standards. The latter stipulate that the amount of particulate matter of 20 to 300 nanometer in diameter emitted shall be under 1×1012 Particles/kWh.

Regulations on particle matter are planned to take effect following the introduction of Stage III B European emission standards for diesel engines installed on nonroad vehicles introduced from 2013. Yanmar is proud to have been recognized for the cleanliness of its engines and continues its endeavors to provide advanced environmental technologies.

1. Yanmar certified engines of 19 to 56kW:

Engine Displacement
3TNV88C 1,642CC
3TNV86CT 1,568CC
4TNV88C 2,190CC
4TNV86CT 2,091CC
4TNV98C 3,319CC
4TNV98CT 3,319CC

2. Technologies Employed:

Yanmar has employed proprietary direct injection and electronic control technologies, along with an advanced common rail system and diesel particulate filter technologies. The combination of exhaust gas recirculation with advanced electronic control allows for a significant reduction in particulate matter and NOx emissions.
Moreover, by employing own DPF control technologies to respond to a variety of industrial machinery and work environments, Yanmar is able to deliver highly reliable engines of superior fuel efficiency, complying with the most rigorous regulations.

The 4TNV88C, one of the certified models
The 4TNV88C, one of the certified models:

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