Yanmar Releases “HiPOWER+” Air-Conditioning System

September 24, 2013
Yanmar Energy System Co., Ltd.

Yanmar is proud to announce the release of a new air-conditioning system. Equipped with a 20Hp generator, the HiPower+ (“high power plus”)*1 is a gas-powered air-conditioning unit that can also supply electricity in the event of power outages.

This heat pump device which utilizes a gas engine compressor in the outdoor unit (GHP) provides air-conditioning to significantly reduce peak electricity demand and contribute to power savings. Since their first development, Yanmar has produced more than 250,000 units.

Unlike the conventional Yanmar GHPs which required a connection to the main power supply, this self-powered GHP air conditioner incorporates a battery in the outdoor unit, which permits continuous power supply even during power outages. In addition, the generator provides electricity not only for air-conditioning, but also for illumination and other applications.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, customer demand for highly efficient and reliable power equipment increased substantially. Most suitable for schools, hospitals and other community centers likely to be used as evacuation sites in the event of natural disasters, these air-conditioning systems provide reliable support for daily living.

*1: HiPOWER+ is a trademark of TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd., OSAKA GAS CO., LTD., and TOHO GAS Co., Ltd.

1. Product:

HiPOWER+ stand-alone gas heat pump air-conditioning system (Power: 56kW, 20Hp)

2. Major Features:

*Continuous power supply even during power outages

*Continuous power supply for air-conditioning, illumination and other electric applications

*As connection approval from power companies is not required, there are significant reductions in installation and initial running expenses

3. Annual Sales Target: 300 units (Note: by 2015)

4. HiPOWER+:

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